Dear Editor

For all who voted for our current president.

His theme was he could “fundamentally transform America, yes we can!” So-how is you vote working out for you now? Job-if you still have one, full time or reduced to part time or fewer hours? Health care-still the same better or not? Less Expensive or more expensive?

Prices-food and medicine and most things?

Are you happy with the standing of our country in the rest of the world as we once were? How about taking prayer out of our schools and military? He says we are not a Christian nation.

What do you think about all the illegals coming across our southern border? By the bus load! Do you think some are those who want to do us harm?

How do you feel about no explanations or accountability for Bengazi or the IRS or your phone and computer being monitored?

Or “fast and furious” guns being sent to Mexico without explanation? The war on coal-cost of electricity going up then so will every thing else. Just think, we don’t need a Constitution any longer, just as long as he has “a pen and a phone”.

I’ll ask again, how is your vote (twice?) for fundamentally transforming America” working out for you?


John Nicodemus