Skipping Rocks

Dear Editor,

This is a lesson in “Skipping Rocks”. It’s an old game children learn in rural areas. To skip a rock across a creek, a lake, etc., to see how many times you can make it skip across; and the ripples it makes each time it touches the water. But it’s game that teaches a concept. One action causes other actions and we need to think ahead to what consequences our actions have on others, and the world around us, the ripples go far.

Our government, all political parties included, our President, and the EPA, obviously, have never played “Skipping Rocks.”

They seem to have no concept of the repercussion of their actions.

From their lopsided trade agreements, to freeing terrorists, to putting unaffordable regulations against power plants destroying our coal mines.

They’ve sent our jobs, our livelihoods, overseas – everything from glass factories and toy factories, to steel. They’ve reduced us from great manufacturers with pride in our creations, to a tourist attraction with nothing but burger joints, casinos, tree pharmacists, and prostitutes. Heck, they’re covered this country with the ripples from those rocks.

President Obama has freed five horrific terrorists to barter for the life of one man. Don’t get me wrong here, my heart goes out to his parents, his family, his friends, but how many lives will these terrorists claim now? How many more soldiers will be taken, how many more loved ones will be stole in terrorists acts across this country.

If I have been the one in captivity, I would rather have stayed there, or lost my life, rather than cause the ripples from this rock.

The EPA wants to impose new regulations on power plants that will bring down the coal industry across this country. The loss of jobs will not stop with coal miners, it will ripple out to include everything and everyone where those paychecks were spent. From housing, cars, autoworkers, stamping plants, all forms of contractors from windows to concrete, to entertainment industries, grocers, clothing, showers, electricians, babysitters, on and on, including taxes that will be gone for roads and education.

Our government borrows from China, gives billions to other countries, and meddles in other countries, civil wars, (none of our business), and yet condems Russia for the same thing in the Ukrane. More ripples.

If we stopped giving our money to other countries and put it back to work in America, we could stop the bleeding. Revive our varied manufacturing with the subsidies we hand out across the world. Subsidize new air cleaners for power plants, subsidize plants and factories. Make education and training affordable for everyone. For all our sakes, they need to learn to “Skip-A-Rock”, that will ripple into a strong, revived America, not the destruction of America.

Still “Skipping Rocks”.

Suzanne J. Brown