Three Letters

Dear Editor,

I read with interest 3 of the letters to the editor in the June 16th edition and would like to comment on all three of them.

#1. Mr. Marple’s very interesting letter about says it all. His comments were correct and were exactly what a lot of people are thinking, but will not say in public. Thanks for input.

#2 Mr. Lombardi’s article related to the system and procedure that one must go through to speak at a Council meeting in the Village. Did the council approve such legislation? After all, they are the voice of the people. Or did and executive order come out of a certain person’s mind, something like our sitting president does as he feels without the Congresses approval? Example: if a citizen is unable to make the 48 hour deadline, he cannot speak? Is that true and factual Council? What happened to the first Amendment?

#3 Former Chief Patsche article regarding that deserter issue.

# 4 The Armed Services has a Code of Conduct and a set of General Orders for all members of any service to abide by, such as

# 5 General Order: Quit my post only when properly relieved, he surely didn’t do that. Article V1 of the Code of Military Code of Conduct: I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free, I will trust in my God and the United States of America.

Hero or traitor????

James Piatt

USA Veteran