True Hero

Dear Editor:

We lost another true hero of WWII when St Clairsville’s David Dean passed away on June 3.

In March of 1945, 2nd Lt Dean, a month away from his 21st birthday, found himself the co pilot of a B17 flying a bombing raid over Berlin. His plane was hit and he and his crew were forced to bail out over Germany.

They were captured and sent to a German prison camp. Fortunately the war ended shortly after that and Dave returned home.

He became an executive of Ohio Bell Telephone Co. and a leader in the community. He served many years as a Red Cross Board Member and donated countless pints of blood.

He was most proud of his more than 40 years of perfect attendance in the St Clairsville Rotary Club.

I had the privilege of driving him to weekly Rotary meetings when he could no longer drive. He attended his last meeting 2 weeks before he died. Ironically he was buried on the 70th anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy.

Richard E. Dolan