VA System

Dear Editor

With the recent uproar concerning the VA system I feel compelled to offer my experience with the VA system, at least the local providers.

I have found that the local providers, the Belmont County Veterans Office and the local VA Clinic in St. Clairsville to be professional, interested and determined to give the best info, treatment and respect.

I had an occasion this past week where I needed to be examined for an urgent medical problem and I waited a total of 30 minutes WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT to be seen at the St. Clairsville VA Clinic. I would not have been seen faster at any other provider. Thanks to the clinic and especially Pam Moore and Tracy O’Connell. I very much appreciate your caring and professional ethic. You are the backbone of the local VA system and I am proud of you.

While the National program is obviously a disgrace, please do not lump in our local people with the bonus hungry bureaucrats that have had their way for way to long. In most cases, their only purpose looks to be to pad their results, truth be dammed, so that they would get their bonus every year. I am still waiting after 6 months to hear about a compensation claim for being poisoned by drinking water at Camp LeJeune in 1968-which has been covered up for years and now has exposed.

Again, this is my experience. Thank you.

Art “Buddy” Piatt

United States

Marine Corps

Viet Nam Era Veteran

St. Clairsville