Veteran Care

Dear Editor,

I am a veteran of World War II and I have been watching the problems that veterans have with certain Veteran Administration Hospitals on television. As for me, I go to a nearby veteran’s clinic once a year for a checkup and blood test. I get my medications free. Otherwise I go to six local doctors for my medical needs, paid for by Medicare, which premiums come to $100 a month, paid in advance. I see a van in early morning with veterans getting their doctoral needs at the veterans hospital in Pittsburgh, free. Another van goes up to the veterans hospital in mid morning on Route 40.

I was notified by Jobs and Family Services of Belmont County twice that Medicaid would pay my premiums for Medicare; but, they do not know how to do it. A case worker talked with me in April to renew my $15 a month food stamps. A veteran friend living in Wheeling had no trouble in getting his premiums for Medicaid paid.

Yours truly,

John Romanoski


P.S. The caseworker said she is working on it, getting Medicaid paying for my Medicare premiums.