Coal Mining

Dear Editor

After reading the headline and article in the news paper tonight Monday, July 28 US sending dirty coal abroad is just another nail in the coffin of the coal miner. I can not believe that the voters for Obama including the United Mine Workers can’t see that there is a war on coal. The article stated that the United States sends only 9 percent of world wide exports and The coal miners and companies of the United States cause all this problem of global warming. What about the other 91 percent? I worked for Mr. Murray at the Ohio Valley Coal Company # 6 mine as a foreman and was proud to do so and so was the miners I worked with. We all enjoyed mining coal and providing very well for our families thanks to a high paying job provided by Mr. Murray. With having over 7,300 coal miners working for Murray Energy I know that he fights all the time against the Government who wants all the miners out of work and the miners should appreciate that he won’t give up in the fight. I think that all coal miners in the United States should vote out all that are against coal miners and the work we do come election time.