Dear Editor,

Let me start my usual diatribe with a little levity. I don’t know where to find Waldo but it is easy to find the current president. He can only be found in one of three places. On a golf course, at a fund raiser or on Air Force One traveling to or from a fund raiser or golf course. In reality this is not funny. To my way of thinking it is simply DERELICTION OF DUTY.

Now I want to play let’s pretend. Let’s pretend that back in 1943 the American forces had captured Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, Field Marshall Gerd von Rundstedt, two of Germany’s best field commanders, Joseph Goebbels Nazi Propaganda Minister, Hermann Goring, head of the Luftwaffe and Heinrich Himmler head of the Gestapo. I will bet my next months SS check that President Roosevelt would not have traded these five men for anyone.

Let me repeat. not for anyone including General Eisenhower. In my opinion what the current president did by trading five high level terrorist for someone who allegedly left his post can best be described with two words, TOTAL IDIOCY.

Having a grandson playing football there is no one on this planet more concerned with safety in athletics, more specifically head injuries, than I am. Recently the White House held a summit on youth sports and concussions. What a joke. The solution to this serious problem will not be found in a coffee and donut conference in the White House. It will be found in the R & D facilities of the helmet manufacturers, medical research facilities and good coaching, teaching the proper tackling techniques. Why did the current president hold this conference, DIVERSION. An attempt to divert attention, even temporarily, from his many scandals, oops I’m sorry, many phony scandals. Alinsky Rule # 8, “Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. Hit them in the flank with something new.”

The anointed one claims to have a fiscal policy. With a negative GDP 2.6% it should be intuitively obvious to even the his most die hard supporter that it isn’t working. This policy or lack thereof can only end in two words, ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

Can I blame the current president for the situation in Iraq, the VA fiasco and the Mexican boarder crisis? Of course I can. I don’t have time or desire to go into a detailed explanation as to how and why. The reason can be explained with two simple words, COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE!

Looking at the big picture I have concluded that the real responsibility for the chaos this country is experiencing is being caused by the 51.1% of the voters who bought into that “Hopey”, Changy” crap. This group was made up primarily of the cultural elite, Hollywonks and ill informed voters. Ask the folks of inter city Chicago about hope.

The primary change I have observed is in the office of the President. The “pen and phone” strategy ” current president is employing can be summed up with one word, DICTATORSHIP.

C. Richard Michael

St. Clairsville