Equal Rights

Dear Editor,

You know, I think the A.C.L.U. should have to show where the Constitution of the United States of America defines marriage between a woman and a man, or two guys or two girls. I don’t think that’s in the Constitution. President O’bama said, “we all are CREATED Equal, and he is right, created in the image of God. Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 26 (I Race). No bad genes, but it’s what you put in your brain and body afterwards.

The A.C.L.U. keeps taking the equal rights Amendment and applying it to marriage. You can’t do that, combined the two. Equal Right’s to me, pertains to jobs, pay, housing, promotions, place to eat, etc.

God instituted marriage in Genesis Chapter 2, Verse 24 and in Galatians, Chapter 6, Verses 7 and 8, God is not mocked, be not deceived, for whatsoever a person soweth, so shall they reap! God gives us a choice. Accept His son, Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour and spend eternity with all your loved ones, or reject Him and spend eternity in the lake of fire and brimstone … it’s your choice. Hope you can choose wisely.

Louis Beihl

St. Clairsville