Dear Editor,

The current topic of discussion is the status of The Veterans Administration. This is not a new situation.

It goes back many years. It has come to the forefront due to the military industrial mentality that the country should be in a continuous war status world wide. The military has now become a foreign legion military. We are lead to believe that our military should be involved in dictating political policies in countries of our choosing.

This mentality has created a very expensive cost to the country in financial and human cost i.e., loss of lives and mental and physical suffering.

Could the solution be to have those who benefit financially pay a war tax, which is not deductible from other income. This income should be used to take care of the families of those who lost their lives and for the wounded physically and mentally, so they will be take care of financially for the rest of their lives.

We must ask ourselves are those countries that we went into and destroyed better off today?

In conclusion, if we are going to be a country in non-ending wars, we should reinstate the draft with no exemptions, i.e., all must serve.


Alfred Tellitocci