Misguided Protest

Dear Editor

Members of the American Legion protested the use of tables made in Vietnam.

Look around you, there is nothing made in this country any more. We weren’t allowed to win the war militarily, but we have one it politically. We have diplomatic relations with these countries, Vietnam, Russia, China etc. Ostensibly we were in Vietnam to save them from Communism, the real reason was to bring Capitalism. To bring about trade relations. We have done that with all of these countries. Gentlemen, THE WAR IS OVER. If you really want to protest something, protest the No Guns Allowed signs that are posted in your American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts. I know both posts in Bellaire have such signs up. Do you really think those carrying guns illegally are bothered by those signs? Do you really think those individuals carrying illegally are not drinking in your posts? The only individuals effected by those signs are those carrying a concealed weapon LEGALLY.

According to Ohio Revised Code section 2923.121, subsection (e), an individual who is legally licensed to carry a concealed weapon, may enter and inhabit establishments that serve alcohol as long as the DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.

Gentlemen, many of you fought for these constitutional rights, many of your family members and friends died for these constitutional rights. Your rights are being violated by post commanders who for whatever misguided reason had posted those signs in your posts.

Protest that, get the membership to vote to regain and reaffirm your constitutional rights that many have fought and died for.

Vincent Amos