Rep. Thompson


I recently read a letter-to-the-editor with disgust. Our state representative Andy Thompson was unfairly attacked by an ally of Andy’s opponent. These same people have put out dishonest yard signs attacking Andy as well. Let me tell you about the Andy Thompson I know and respect.

Andy is a man of principle and he listens to his constituents, sorting out the facts, and doing what he believes is right and in the interest of his district. You can ask our coal producers–no one has stood up for coal more than Andy Thompson. Ask the many people who have benefited from oil and gas development about Andy. No one has fought proposed Severance Tax hikes more than Andy. Ask farmers and small business owners if they’re pleased that Andy helped eliminate the Death Tax. I was at the Common Core forum the woman mentioned in her letter but I saw a different picture. I personally watched Andy take on his own party at a Common Core public hearing. He even took on the governor, teacher unions, the Business Roundtable, The U.S. Chamber, and some of the wealthiest people in this country in order to stop Common Core. Common Core is a disaster for our teachers, students, and our future. It is a one-size-fits-all federal takeover of our education system. Andy Thompson is looking out for all of us by pushing the repeal of Common Core. Andy Thompson has the courage and the principles we need in office, and he deserves our support and our votes. Ohio would be much better off if we had several more Andy Thompson’s in office.