St. C. Cats

Dear Editor,

I am also very fond of animals. But, I think some things just get out of hand. I live on Joella Drive in St. Clairsville. We have approximately forty families in the neighborhood. Two have decided to feed the cats. (These are all strays).

Now they have doubled, tripled or perhaps even more. We complained. So now they are catching them in live traps, getting them fixed and returning them back to the neighborhood. That is not helping out.

The cats are in everyone garbage, on top of cars, on grills and picnic tables.

This Is Not Healthy. I called the animal shelter, the health department and a no kill organization in West Virginia to see what could be done. No one would do anything. They use our gardens, flower beds, window wells and stair-wells for litter boxes. I’m an 80-year-old woman that likes to garden and plant flowers. I can’t work in dirt with gloves on. So every year I get sick cleaning out there litter boxes that these strays leave me.

People can’t sit on porches or patios because of the stink. It’s terrible. Bleach and moth balls do not get rid of the smell. So when you want to enjoy the outdoors, you either have to breathe cat odors or the moth balls and bleach after scrubbing the stair-wells.

Therefore, I’m 150 percent behind the Park Board regarding these cats. You want to help these cats? Get your friends together and take them home; keep them at your home and feed them. That’s the right thing to do.

Levies are passed and taxes are paid for the upkeep of the Park. The Park is for children and the public to enjoy.

Also, suppose these cats scratch or bite an innocent child or person. Who is responsible for the medical bills? Are you?


Rosemarie Visvary

St. Clairsville