For the last six years all we have heard from our White House is how they were going to be the most transparent administration in history! Well this turns out to be “another” big lie from Obama, and now finally some of the Obamamedia is starting to call him on it!

To date 36 news organizations have bonded together chastising this administration for blocking them from asking certain questions, and when they do, they aren’t getting any answers! I now hope that some of the people who called and sent me anonymous letters will now put your partisan politics aside and admit that this entire administration has been a complete failure, and has lied to us from day one!!! First, Obama should not have even been on the ballot because of voter discrepancy in Illinois, then we still have questions about the birth certificate, along with questions about how he ended up a Social Security number from a New England state when he was supposedly born in Hawaii? Then he had all of his college records sealed, [some say he was admitted as a foreign student] he certainly didn’t get in because of his grades or accomplishments! He has refused to fire Eric Holder, who committed perjury more than once, and would not prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation at the polling places, and to date no one has been held accountable for the gun running Fast and Furious that led to the death of border patrol agent Brian Terry. He began his political career in the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, both members of the weather underground who bombed federal buildings, and are only sorry that they weren’t able to do more for their cause! He spent years in the church of Jerimiah Wright, and only stopped going when Wright’s sermons about hating America became public! Then there is the NSA spying, the illegal monitoring of Fox News reporter James Rosen and his family’s emails and phone conversations, HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius solicited donations from companies the HHS would regulate, and then violated the Hatch Act by making partisan statements, and last SHE was in charge of the failed Obamacare rollout, that has cost we the tax payers billions, and now we are paying for all of her retirement benefits! We have had the Pigford Scandal, the NSA scandal, the Soylindra scandal, the VA scandal, that has led to the deaths of our Veterans, the New Black Panther scandal, they hacked the computer of CBS reporter Sharyl Atkinson while she was investigating the Ben Ghazi scandal, and last but not least we have the IRS scandal that Obama said on national TV that there wasn’t even a smidgen of corruption in!! This is the same scandal that Eric Holder refuses to investigate, that has already resulted in Lois Lerner taking the fifth, and claiming that just by coincidence hers and six other computers mysteriously crashed and were subsequently destroyed after she received notice of a congressional investigation! Does anyone with a brain think that this was all coincidental? Why don’t we all try that same excuse the next time the IRS wants to audit us! Does anyone think it will fly? Not to mention that it is a federal law that they keep hard copies of all emails and correspondences, Lois lerner said she was not aware of that law, [now isn’t that scary? We The People need to demand a full and thorough and quick investigation of all of these scandals, and full prosecution of any guilty parties to the fullest extent of the law, with the loss of any accrued benefits because they have violated the trust of We The American People!!!! the people who pay their salaries! Without accountability this political corruption will never stop!

One last bit, for anyone who missed it, I urge you to read and digest the opinion editorial by Terry Wallace ,the educator, in the June 29 Times Leader.?It’s time that more people face the facts in front of them and realize that politicians are destroying this great country that Americans have FOUGHT and DIED to protect only to see it being destroyed from within!!! This is NOT a transparent administration and new poll numbers have Obama just behind Jimmy Carter who is considered the worst president in America’s history!! How’s that for Hope and Change? God Bless America!

Thank You,

Dwain E. Knight