War On Coal

Dear Editor,

Well, Obama’s war on coal is in full force now. He will give the environmental extremists whatever they want and does not care that his actions will destroy the Ohio Valley and the many families here. We should all oppose his efforts with all our efforts – to save our families and the others here in the Ohio Valley.

Unfortunately, many here in the valley are giving Obama and his allies heavy financial support for their crusade to destroy coal. There are many here in the valley who belong to unions. And those same unions, give millions of dollars to support Obama and his allies. But, as a union member, you have the right to stop your dues from being used to destroy your family, your neighborhood, the Ohio Valley. You will, and should pay for your union’s collective bargaining activities. But the law is very clear – you do not have to give them your hard earned money to give to politicians that you oppose.

There have been court cases that affirm American’s rights to not have their money used for political purposes that those Americans oppose. In Communications Workers versus Beck, the courts ruled that all a union member can be required to pay are agency fees, what it costs the union for collective bargaining, contract administration, and grievance procedures. But, workers cannot be forced to pay for political activities that they oppose. A later decision, Abrams versus Communications Workers, also made it very clear that unions must notify their members of these rights. The union bosses do not want their members to know of these rights. But, they are violating the law when they do not inform their members of their rights as Americans.

I urge all union members here in the valley to contact your union and see where your dues money is being spent. If they are giving your hard earned money to politicians dedicated to destroying coal and the Ohio Valley, you can take action! Notify your union that you do not want your money being used to support your enemies. This will require a written letter to the union notifying them of your desire that your money not be used for anti-Ohio Valley activities. They must notify you of what percentage of your dues are used for such purposes. Then, they MUST reduce your dues so that you are only supporting their collective bargaining activities.

For the sake of your families, your neighbors, and the Ohio Valley, it is crucial that residents of the area exercise their rights and cease supporting Obama, his allies, and their war on coal.

Alan Wood

St. Clairsville