Aiding Animals

Dear Editor,

My name is Brenda Furry and I am asking for your much needed support for our areas’ homeless, sick, abused and abandoned animals.

I sponsor an annual benefit for Hounds’ Haven, a non-euthanasia quality of life animal shelter. Non-profit and run by volunteers, Hounds’ Haven is in critical need of donations for food, shelter and veterinarian care for hundreds of animals from all surrounding counties near Smithfield, in Bradley, Ohio, Jefferson County. We are in dire need of more space volunteers and donations.

At a time when our area is experiencing rapid growth and prosperity, our number of abandoned and abused animals continue to climb.

Won’t you please help with a donation for those with no voice and no choice?

Our annual benefit also helps to heat our buildings for the winter months and is a huge factor in the animals being able to survive the bitter cold.

Hounds’ Haven has been in operation and serving the Ohio Valley for 17 years. While sponsoring rascal units to spay and neuter at low cost, we also sponsor an outreach program to help area citizens with the cost of care for their pets.

Any donation, however, large or small is greatly appreciated!

God Bless and Thank You for your consideration. Exempt status under section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code as a non-profit organization described in section 501 (c) (3) can be supplied by request.


Brenda Furry