Ed Fitzgerald

Dear Editor,

Fall is steadily approaching, the time has arrived for Ohio’s underpaid working families to try and scrounge enough money together for school supplies, and send our children back to underfunded schools. Ohio has been better!

Gov. John Kasich loves to make claims of closing budget deficits while cutting taxes, but he has failed Ohio. Thanks to Kasich’s sales tax increase, working class Ohioans pay more, while Kasich’s rich elitist friends get the tax cuts. During Governor Kasich’s term according to the Columbus Dispatch; the top 1 percent of Ohioans saw income growth of 15 percent (7th highest in the country), incomes for the rest of us fell by 0.4 percent.

Governor Kasich’s failed policies hurt Ohio tremendously. Massive cuts to public education and local services along with Ohio being ranked near the bottom of the 50 states in recent job growth, is not what I call progress. Gov. Kasich has cut $1.8 Billion from public education including $2.1 Million in Belmont County. As a result of Kasich’s cuts to school funding, Ohio taxpayers have been asked to approve 393 school levies. Kasich’s cuts have also deprived Belmont County of $6.5 Million in local government funding totaling $8.6 Million in cuts to Belmont County alone.

It’s clear to me that Gov. Kasich doesn’t care about Ohio’s working families. Kasich’s Senate Bill 5 was a blatant attack on our families, friends and neighbors. When asked whether he would sign SB5, Kasich was evasive, vague and misleading. It’s no surprise that Kasich is also evasive and vague on the issue of so-called “right to work”. So-called “right to work” states strip workers of their rights and lower wages and living standards. So-called “right to work” states have lower wages across the board and have a higher rate of workplace safety violations. The Ohio House currently has two bills pending that would bring so-called “right to work” restrictions to Ohio.

Lets not forget our family, friends and neighbors who were laid off at Ormet. Kasich refused to meet with 1,000 laid off Ormet workers, despite a petition with 10,000 signatures asking for his help.

Governor John Kasich is no friend of Ohio’s working families. Kasich is an elitist Wall St. banker and his plutocratic policies have hurt Ohio. On Nov. 4th. I ask that you join me in voting for Ed Fitzgerald for Governor of Ohio.


Ben Lofton