Dear Editor,

In your recent letter to the editor, you ran your mouth about Bellaire forming a new Volunteer Fire Department.

With your analogies, you compared fire training for volunteers vs. paid fire fighters. You HAD BEEN a volunteer in Martins Ferry before going to Myrtle Beach.

Did you forget that all volunteers are required to have certified training through the State to become a firefighter? No one just throws on gear and goes in to fight fires.

You stated that you are ashamed and embarrassed about Bellaire, well, Seth, you are an embarrassment and a disgrace to Martins Ferry, the Ohio Valley and to all volunteers who are doing their best. Your comments were a slap in the face to the past and present volunteers who have given and are still giving their time, hearts and risking their lives every time a call goes in to protect the citizens of our communities. Maybe you need to be reminded that not everyone has the desire or opportunity to leave the Ohio Valley that we still call “home.”

In closing, I wish the very best of luck to Bellaire and to all volunteers.


Terry Wildman

Past Asst. Chief


Harry Tracy

Past Chief