GSV Society

Dear Editor,

I want to let the Great Stone Viaduct Society know that their efforts are really appreciated.

After attending the Great Stone Viaduct Celebration on a beautiful Saturday at Union Park in Bellaire, I learned a lot about the history of the GSV and the efforts to preserve this magnificent structure.

On a tour, led by charter member, Daniel Frizzi, I saw a view of their beautiful viaduct from behind the old Bellaire Clinic, that I never saw before. To see this structure with all it’s stone arches was really impressive! This is something that everyone being associated with Bellaire or an interest in the history of the railroad should see.

I enjoyed learning the history of the 43 arches and how they were built. Each arch consists of 37 stones which represent the number of states in the Union at the time of construction in 1870. A wooden arch was first built and then the stones were laid around it. After it dried, the wooden structure was removed and the next arch was started until all were completed. The arches were used because they can support heavy loads.

The vision of the GSVS is to preserve the part of this structure abandoned by the railroad in 1996. They want to purchase the arches and the land below it. They envision walking tours on top of the viaduct with a lookout platform to view across the Ohio River from the top of the span. On the ground below could be where the future GSV Celebra tions would be held.

A web page to find out more information is I know I joined because I want to be a part of the great project. I think this will be really great for Bellaire! Hopefully it will keep getting bigger and better. Please visit the web page and be a part of making a good thing happen to Bellaire.

Thanks to all who are working to make this happen.

Janet Scott