Dear Editor,

Yesterday evening I was on line studying for my Sunday school class when I came upon two articles about the ISIS terror in Iraq.

I was moved to tears when I read that they were beheading babies and sawing children in half. I started praying and asking God what kind of Satanic evil would allow this and suddenly the answer came back…”What kind of evil would kill 55 million unborn babies? What kind of evil would stab a little one in the back of the neck and leave the body to die in the trash?”

It was a sobering moment. The reality hit hard and fast. I live in country that sacrifices children on the altar of convenience. Evil is evil. Sin is sin.

We are quickly travelling down a path of little or no moral relevance to others or ourselves. I look around and I see people who are more or less zombies, wandering day to day to get their fix of hedonistic pleasure. ME FIRST! ME NOW! I know the humanist, atheist, and even cino’s (Christians in name only) scoff at this but it is as Peter predicted; scoffers would come in the last days as things fall apart. Things are falling apart. You can sense it. It’s like a foul smell in the air. The economy, health care, immigrants, ISIS, Israel-Palestine, Ukraine, Ebola, drought, higher food prices, crazy climate high and lows, race riots, demoralized military, generational debauchery, etc. etc. etc. I know the solution to all of this but will anybody listen? Will we be the Nineveh of the time of Jonah or the Nineveh of Nahum? Read the Bible if you want to know what that means. In the mean time, pray…pray hard. Our time is coming. Who knows what may separate us from the Christians and Yadezi of Iraq in a few years. I do know one truth though. It’s guaranteed…”everything works to the good to those who love the Lord and DO according to HIS purpose.” If you believe this, keep your head up.

Help is on the way for those who love Him and the lost.

Yours Truly,

Randy Marple