Jennifer Garrison


I’m writing in response to a letter that appeared in the Times Leader on August 6th criticizing Jennifer Garrison for moderating a forum discussion on the Statoil well pad fire in Monroe County on June 28th. I was a panelist on the forum, and I can attest that the forum was informative and productive and was non-political.

As both a former state representative and as an attorney representing landowners including many in Monroe County – Mrs. Garrison has developed expertise in the oil and gas industry. In the Ohio House, Mrs. Garrison also demonstrated her concern for Monroe County by working tirelessly to improve our schools.

By convening an oil and gas forum, Mrs. Garrison sought to facilitate a discussion of many of the important issues facing our region as a result of the oil and gas play. As the forum began to take shape, it became apparent that the Clarington fire presented many important issues affecting first responders, local officials, and citizens that warranted further discussion.

The event was advertised to the public in advance, and first responders from several local fire departments, as well as elected officials from both political parties attended the forum.

There is nothing wrong with taking the initiative to draw on one’s own expertise and concern for a region to highlight important issues impacting first responder and community safety. To the contrary, it’s called leadership.

I commend Mrs. Garrison for demonstrating such leadership.

John V. Pyles

Monroe County


Jennifer Garrison


Every child deserves an education that enhances her cognitive, physical and emotional development and abilities. No child deserves less than another because his parents are under employed or non employed, or the locality of the school he attends. A child residing in an affluent community and a child from Appalachia deserve the same opportunities. One setting should not have limited resources while the other has the latest, most advance technology. Schools should be funded equally – it is the right of the child.

It is time for a change in educational funding, requirements and expectations from Head Start through college. In little over 100 days we can make some of these changes happen. It is time to retire our current Congressman and elect Jennifer Garrison to Congress. Jennifer has a history of supporting education and our children. Jennifer has fought for public education and fairer funding.

As retired educators, we personally know Jennifer believes in education. She will listen and take to heart the options of her constituents. Jennifer believes in the children of the 6th district and wants fair funding for their education.

We believe it is time for a change and Jennifer Garrison is the change we need in the 6th Congressional District.


Roger and Kathy Bartunek