Dear Editor,

There will be many that disagree, there always are those who seem to live in doom and gloom and can find no hope in yesterday, today or tomorrow. They all seem to just live in a state of remorse and in reality they really do not LIVE, they just exist. We live in a broken world, full of sickness and hate and what we all see, we seem to believe. Life on the other hand, even though seems short, is full of promise and that promise is given in Matthew 28: 1-10.

Here WE are given HOPE and PEACE in our hearts knowing that this life is not the end but only the beginning. If there is a “CATCH” to any of this, as most will say, it is only that WE must believe and believe without a speck of doubt. WE have two choices in every day we live. We can wake up and walk on the cloudy side of the street or we can wake up dancing, giving thanks that WE have been given the gift and opportunity to walk and live ont he “SUNNYSIDE” of the street.

When a child is given a choice of spinach or ice cream, chances are in our favor that this child will CHOOSE the ice cream, not only because of taste but it even looks better in the eyes of a child. WE, dear folks, have the same eyes WE were born with and WE also can make great choices in life and today I choose to walk on the sunnyside of life, trying along the way to convince those who walk in darkness, to cross the street into the light and live a life of PEACE, JOY and CONTENTMENT.

Does my life sometimes get crazy and out of hand? YES, but I know when this happens I’m walking in the middle of the street and this is where we get knocked down by the insanity of this world.

Come over to “SUNNYSIDE” and place “PEACE” in your heart!

God Bless,

Rich Lucas