Powhatan School

Dear Editor,

I just read an article in your paper about the demolition of the old Skyvue School building.

It makes me upset that the people in Powhatan were also told that the Switzerland of Ohio School District set aside money to demolish the old school building in Powhatan but then reneged on that promise. Several years ago when the administration and board were conducting information meetings concerning the upcoming bond issue vote, I asked one administrator who was on the stage of Powhatan Elementary, if our building would be torn down if the bond issue passed.

He reassured me that the building would be torn down. Several of us knew that there was no way financially to keep the old building as a community center and were relieved to know that the district had set aside money for the demolition.

The bond issue was passed but the school board and the administration didn’t hesitate to sell the old dinosaur building in a heart beat to a group who wanted to turn it into a type of community center.

Of course, this group wasn’t able to keep the building going, so now it seems that we are stuck with this huge old structure that is another eyesore and no money to tear it down.

Administrators and school board members come and go in our school district and like fools we believe what they tell us. In the future I suggest that everything that is promised needs to be specifically put in writing before we agree to anything.

We hear rumors that our school be closed if this fall’s levy doesn’t pass. Wouldn’t that be just great – paying for a building for the next 25 years that is no longer used?

If the school board wants us to pass this levy, will they be willing to sign a document saying that the building won’t be closed?


Patti Meyer

Powhatan Point