Seeking Justice


As someone who thinks justice should be served fully and to people who deserve it, I am appalled at Columbus, Ohio’s crime lab after reading “Columbus crime lab mistake could affect 38 cases,” (August 2014).

According to recent report, there are 3,000 reports to be reviewed that could have been affected by this mishap. Previous reports state that 288 reports were affected by the omission reported in March. This means that there could have been wrongly convicted of a crime, and have been spending months or years in jail. The person who may have actually committed these crimes could still be out in the real world committing more crimes. Columbus is a fantastic and bustling city, who should have proper DNA equipment when it comes to their crime lab. If these cases are found out to have wrongly convicted people, there will be retrials which will cost the state money, which would have been spared in the first place if they were using proper equipment.

Allison Kuhn