The real issue is


Over the past few weeks there has been a polite and to the point argument amass the public feud being stoked by a select few. There has also been a dramatic increase in the number of Bellaire fires (literal). I know, in at least one of the physical cases here that the responding department would have had no better outcome but to contain (one of the West Bellaire fires was pretty intense from the get go) the structure fire. I believe one of the local comments was that the fires were” suspicious and the timing was as well”. With that said, the decisions made were squarely upon your (Bellaire) elected officials in this matter. Please stop bashing the new BVFD. The new BVFD is doing a good job. This brand new department will continue to get better with time. With that said, the issue is, has been, will continue to be, the decline in testing, fixing and marking the hydrants. Once that is completed, (which it is has not even started yet) then we will be able to move on and discuss agreements. It is my standing (which it will remain my standing) that this feud is silly, stupid and it putting the public safety at risk.

Moreover, I will now speak from my personal experience upon this; “feuds like this can degrade your life, your community and your world”, so I suggest a judge get in the middle of this (Belmont county judges take note) and get this fixed before this explodes into the streets, courts and other venues! Thank you and I thank the Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department for their service and Neffs Volunteer Fire Department for their past service for the village of Bellaire, Ohio!

Dan Brown