Outpouring of love

Dear Editor,

I was truly moved by the outpouring of love shown by the citizens of the Ohio Valley on Sunday, July 23, while searching for a missing dog.

My daughter, Raynelle Rickly, was traveling from a rodeo in Negley, Ohio, to her home near Lancaster via State Route 7 and I-70. Naturally she was driving a truck and pulling a large horse trailer with living quarters. Rain started in the early afternoon as she was coming into Martins Ferry, so she pulled off to the side of the road, jumped out, and ran back to close the windows in the trailer. She continued on through Bridgeport onto I-70 westbound toward Columbus.

At a stop for fuel near Quaker City, she realized that Rosie, one of her three dogs, was missing. She backtracked all the way back to Matins Ferry assuming that Rosie jumped out when she stopped to close the windows. No sign of Rosie. Could she have jumped out while the truck was moving? Did she jump out when they stopped for fuel and ran away so fast they didn’t see her? Having no idea where Rosie could be, Raynelle posted a photo on Facebook and continued on home, not knowing where to start searching.

As soon as Raynelle arrived home and unloaded her horses, she received Facebook messages and photos that Rosie was spotted near Wilson Furniture on North Lincoln Avenue in Bridgeport. She contacted me and I drove to Bridgeport to find Lisa Williams from Belmont County Animal Shelter along with the Bridgeport Police Department attempting to catch Rosie in the pouring rain (or at least keep her out of the busy intersection.)

My last sighting of Rosie was at 7:45. She was hiding, frightened I’m sure. Raynelle arrived back in Bridgeport about 9 p.m. and we could not find Rosie anywhere. It was raining and dark. We didn’t expect to have any luck until daylight. Raynelle decided to sit in her car (not the same vehicle Rosie jumped out of) overnight and start searching again Monday morning as soon as the sun came up.

At 2:06 a.m. something hit the side of Raynelle’s car. She was startled and afraid to open the windows or get out of the car, so she checked the mirrors and looked out the window. It was Rosie! Rosie found Raynelle sitting in her car and knew to jump against the door to get Raynelle’s attention. What a miracle!

I want to thank so many people for helping us. Jennifer Yurko, with K.E.Y. Animal Hospital and another friend walked all over that area in the pouring rain. Rosalee (I’m sorry I didn’t get your last name) was one of the first to notify Raynelle on Facebook and lives nearby. She helped get us behind some houses to look. Lisa Williams spent at least a few hours trying to keep Rosie safe. The Realtors at Harvey Goodman posted photos onto their own Facebook pages and the Bridgeport Police Department circled the area numerous times, got out with their flashlights and kept an eye on Raynelle sitting in her car.

I am not originally from Belmont County, and Raynelle has never lived here. We are both from Marietta, but with the caring people we met on Sunday I am proud to say I live in Belmont County.

Tana Price