Letters to the Editor

Sharing Tree 2017

Dear Editor,

Well, another year has come and gone and there are so many people to thank for making this another successful year for the Shadyside Sharing Tree.

It’s hard to believe it’s been going strong for 26 years. My mom, Bette Anne Ponzo, gets all the credit for starting it. When Mom suddenly passed away, I took over because I knew Mom would want that. It’s a very rewarding project to do. Lots of work, but a huge reward at the end for 103 kids and parents.

So many people poured out their generosity. I even have a friend I graduated with from West Liberty in 1985 who donates each year and lives in Florida. Thank you, Marsha Zebrasky!

The following people and organizations are the ones who so kindly took stars or donated money towards the stars. I can’t thank these people enough. Staff from WesBanco, Michelle and Jay Husek, Tiffany Crozier, Tom and Amy Lowe, Ladies Women Civics Club, Denise and Kelly Sherwood, Jackie Kidder, Ellen Johnson, Pat Anderson, Colleen Lee, Joan and Mark Duncan, Fran Sobray, Erik and Kate Krupa, Jefferson Grade School Staff, Sydney Crippen, Lori and Mike Kernik, Diana Mullett, Attorney Tom Ryncarz, Larry and Joyce Apicella, American Legion Ladies Auxiliary 521, Tana and Frank Cline, Reisbecks, Methodist Church Ladies, A-nonny-moose, Central Grille/Adam Lucci, Amanda Lucci, Glenna Isner, Karen and Jerry Narcisi, Shadyside Area Chamber of Commerce, Shadyside Flower Shop/Scott and Bobbi Jo Kinemond, Penny and John Grinch, Wegee United Methodist Church, Gina and Brad Holmes, Shadyside Varsity Cheerleaders, Tom & Deb Brown, Misty Kissell, Brianne and Jayson Johnson, Megan and Chris Hammond, Rhonda Greenwood, Martha and Rudy Zatzalo, Darnell and Tony DeFelice, Tish Garrison, Jerrika Gilbert, Kimberly and Greg Green, Bre Beck, Kellie Kosky, James Johnson, Megan Albright, Kitty and Roger Lewis, Bridgette Carpenter Blake, Teresa Richea, Lisa Kapiskosky, Angie and Kelly Carpenter, Ann and Dave Sommers, Carole Zuboski, Shelly Doughty, Melissa Sadlowski, Teri Marling, Mary Kay and Steve Beltrondo, Laura Bennington, Nicole Perry, Michael Meintel, Hillview Garden Club, Sommer Allen, Dr. Leeper. Dr. Leeper took 20 stars!!!!!! Kathy and Mark Bonar, Pam and Rich Melanko, Misty and Ben Gonglik, Eileen Crow, Susan Brown, Pam Watson, Cathy Minor Ramsay, Michelle Darrah, Susie and Paul Krynaich, Michelle and Joe Weaver, Opal Beck, Jaclynne and Heath Brooks, Lyndsey Maynard, Shelly Hertler, Lorrie Stewart, Debbie Perzanowski, Brandi Patt, John and Melanie Haswell, Haley Hudson, Amber Peluchette, Valerie Conway, Kelly Hoepfner, Amanda Simpson, Jenna Coyne, CeCe Kiedaisch, Kevin and Mary Kay Roseberry, Tina Krupa, Erika and Steve Kernik, Kayla and Chris Tice, National Honor Society, Pam Hartley, Melissa Beltrwndo Klos, Bruce Warren, Lisa Fijalkowski, Whitney Czelusniak, Brittany Falbo, Erica and Matt Jarrett, Cindy Archer, Morgan and Zach Klug, Jamie Grew, Erin Hakr, Janell Johnson, Janie Husek, Lisa Dolence, Boy Scouts, Richelle and Vince Thornburg, Cat Sloan, Kathy Hammond, Sam Falbo, Richard and Jodi Francis, Kristi Matuska, Crystal D’Aquila, Laura Crozier, Bryan Crozier, Felicia McCullough, Brooke Meintel, Michelle and Sam Milhoan, Bre Lappert, Josh and Jordan Stevens, Lyn Hendershot, Melody Ciszewski, Sandy and Jay Morgan, Chase Grinch, Doug and Lonnie Campbell and Family, TAG Team at Shadyside, Zac and Heidi Chrisagis, Lisa Grunewald, Ohio/West Virginia Escavating, Dana and Brian Hendershot, Belmont Savings Bank, New Life Fellowship, Crystal and Dave Sadlowski, Carla Doyno, Gerri Atkinson, in Memory of her sister, Bette Ponzo, Don Wild Insurance, Estel Bommer, Georgeanne and Chris Stillion, Emily Dietz of Emily’s Concrete Creations, Kayla Brunner of It Works, Laura LeMonte and Maggie Hull with Jamby Styles, Heather Penick of Keep Collective, Sasha Stottlemyer of Lipsense, Joy Mack from Magnabilities, Tiffany Salazar of Salazar Designs and Boutique, Mary Carte from Scentsy Independent Consultant, Jennifer Weeks of Tastefully Simple, Jillian Ongley and Jenna Coyne from Tees Please, Quentina Jackson from Trades of Hope, Gina Walker from Tupperware, Lexie Hess from Young Living Oils, Lorie Wolfe of Lorie’s Crafts, Tina Scott of Tia’s Crafts, Belmont Heath Center and Samantha Millhouse from Jordan Essentials.

As you can see, we have some very generous people that do this each year. I’m so thankful for the above names. If there was anyone accidentally left off, or name spelled wrong, I’m sincerely sorry. It sure wasn’t done purposely. I can’t wait until next year to put smiles on the children’s faces again. Thanks to you all, we can make it happen in 2018.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Melanie (Ponzo) Haswell