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Biggest Villain?

June 9, 2011 - Kim Collette
The Bachelorette's Bentley Williams...what can we say about him? Bentley is going to go down as the biggest villain ever on the show...if he hasn't already.

I don't blame Bentley entirely for this happening, but he does take the lions share of it just for his pure "jerkness." First off, Ashley (the newest Bachelorette) was warned before the show started filming that Bentley was just there to promote himself. Are her instincts that bad that she couldn't see through his facade earlier? And secondly, the producers could have stepped in like they did a few years back when a female contestant was being "unethical" while having a relationship with one of the producers. Why not step in because Bentley was manipulative and "creep like"?

But that's all beside the point. Bentley is a class-A "eeeeewwww". The past few episodes his true character came out. During his on camera interviews (you know...the ones no one sees until the show airs) he repeatedly bragged about how much he wasn't into Ashley. He boasted about how much he wished that The Bachelorette was Emily...and how things would be different if it were. top all of that, he decided to leave the show on his own. Which you might think is commendable, but not with this guy. He lied to the rest of the contestants and to Ashley as to why he was leaving. He actually said that he missed his daughter! That's the lowest of lows! And the good-bye and sound bytes of his good-bye to The Bachelorette were truly disgusting to watch and hear.

While I try to be an optimist that the show and producers really want to help people find "true love," I have to remember it is a t.v. show. Ratings and the drama to get the ratings will always trump the producers trying to help participants find love. And, while we watch in horror and the producers get their ratings, Ashley's heart got broken. I think she is owed an apology from the producers for allowing this "trash-talking"from Bentley to continue as long as it did. As for Bentley, I don't think an apology would justify his actions. Ashley and the rest of the men deserved better than being subjected to Bentley Williams.

So is the show really for the sake of true love or for the sake of ratings? I think we have our answer.

Until next time friends!


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The Bachelorette's Biggest Villain!