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Pardon me while I scratch.

June 28, 2011 - Michael Palmer
You’re either in the Poison Ivy Sufferers union or you’re not. You either get it, or you don’t.

I never did, well just a few bumps and then it was gone.

My wife is a bit more sensitive to the rash and she has had it everywhere at one time or an other.

She found a homeopathic poison ivy pill that has really helped keep the rash in check, especially during black raspberry picking season, but I did not need it.

I could pull the vine out by hand and then burn it, stand in the smoke, and I might get a few little bumps on my hand or wrist.

Well, I have finally found a poison plant that I am sensitive to, I am not sure what it was that I got into, but it started spreading and me, being the macho and natural remedy type chose to basically ignore it.

Well wishing it away with positive thinking did not work this time. By the time I admitted I had a problem, it was too late. The rash had spread from my bicep area to my chest, down my stomach and onto my thighs and over the top of my head.

“Don’t scratch it.” my wife warned. I did not listen. Why should I, because I don’t get poison ivy.

Well I am listening now.

I did manage to avoid seeking medical attention and through a trial and error of reading internet solutions and experimenting with over the counter remedies, I have finally got it under control.

I warn you that a high pain threshold may be required to avoid the Prednisone shot, The scrubbing with an oil drying shampoo and then spraying with an alcohol based Ivy Dry is exhilarating at the very least.

Sleeping was near impossible, even with Tylenol and Benadryl.

I washed everything that I touched and changed clothes like a teenage girl. Scrubbed and sprayed and sprayed again.

Then finally, the rash began to gradually dry up.

Being very optimistic, not, I continue to scrub, spray and wash everything I wear.

One nice person said to me that I may have developed a more allergic reaction to poison ivy, “Once you get it when you are over 50, Unh-uh, that’s it you are done; you will get it easy after that.”


In any case, it is over. Once bitten, twice shy.

I am now in the union and have a better understanding of the agony the little green plant can cause the unsuspecting victim.

I am very happy that, even at my age, I did not get it as bad as my sister in law. She needed to seek immediate medical attention to keep from being hospitalized from exposure.

So, for now, in my wife’s words, it is “Welcome to the Club.”

Pardon me while I scratch.


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