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Too hot to handle!

July 28, 2011 - Taste Buds
What are we gonna do with these Dog Days of Summer? The Buds are all for sunny, pleasant weather, days at the pool and extra long daylight hours, but C'MON -- it's getting a little ridiculous! With heat indexes of over 100 degrees - how is a girl to remain cool? Not only can the heat become physically uncomfortable, but it is also interfering with daily routines. Bud Em must delay her daily jog until sunset to avoid overheating. Why just last week she was reduced to a puddle on National Road, then had to wait to be evaporated, and was eventually rained back out. The whole ordeal was far too time-consuming, hence, the later jog. Another routine thwarted: COOKING! The last thing anyone wants to do in the extreme heat is to stand over a hot stove. While the Buds are known for creating dynamite salads and sandwiches, they do eventually get old. An alternative would be grilling outdoors, but that too has its disadvantages. Sure, you don't have to heat up the house but dripping sweat is NOT a good marinade for those steaks! In an effort to safeguard our readers from heat-related illness, the Buds have composed the following list of ways to keep cool... 1) Wear light colored, loose-fitting clothes. If there was ever a perfect time for that white moo moo in your closet, it is now - wear it with pride! 2) Stay hydrated at all times. Drink plenty of cold water or sports drinks. Avoid caffeine. 3) Eat light meals. Heavy foods take more time to digest which slows down your body's cooling process. Think salads and fruit. And popsicles, lots of popsicles. 4) Go to the pool! (But don't forget the sunscreen) 5) Spend the afternoon in an air-conditioned environment: i.e. the movies, mall or library. 6) If you do feel like cooking or preparing a meal, spice it up! Any dishes based with curry, jerk, or other varieties of hot peppers or hot sauce will suffice. Spicy foods stimulate heat receptors in you mouth, which cause you to sweat and cools your body as the perspiration evaporates. Luckily for the Buds, the office is crisp and cool, sometimes a little too cool. But we are definitely NOT complaining!


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