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Put your best foot forward

October 31, 2011 - Taste Buds
Good shoes are hard to find.

Any woman who has ever been on the search for THE perfect pair of shoes can relate to the above statement. It seems that when you're searching for something specific, you can never find it. Say for instance, you want a comfortable pair of black wedge heels. You look everywhere, even online, but find nothing like what you envision. On the other hand, black, red, periwinkle and pewter wedge heels are a dime a dozen! But you already have wedge heels in pewter. Sigh. What's a girl to do?

Bud Shaunna has had a pretty bad run of shoe luck lately. Everything started at the end of summer when said Bud, while attending an outdoor picnic (of course food was involved!), stepped in an uneven patch of grass and turned her ankle. Thankfully there were no torn ligaments or broken bones, but the resulting bone bruise forced Bud Shaunna to turn in her heels and flat dress shoes in favor of more supportive sneakers. The look of sneakers with dress pants was not really a fashion statement this Bud wanted to make, but what can you do when there's a wedding around the corner?

Which led Bud S to her second dilemma. Finding a pair of white heels for her upcoming wedding. Many a long, LONG evening was spent searching Internet sites high and low for "low to mid heel reasonably priced comfortable white wedding shoes." That's not too narrow of a category, right? Regardless, shoes were found, returned, found, returned...we sense a pattern here. Doesn't anyone believe in a white shoe anymore? And if they do, can they please, please, PLEASE make them with a heel shorter than five inches?

Bud Shaunna's final shoe straw came when she attempted to find a dressy pair of brown shoes suitable for colder weather. The major stipulation: NO BOOTS. Bud Shaunna owns lots of boots -- LOTS -- and Bud Shaunna's fiance would probably be quite unhappy to see her in yet another new pair. So a few trips to local department stores turned out to be quite disappointing. There were flat boots, ankle boots, kitten heel boots, boots with fur, boots with wedge heels, boots that lace up, roll down and play dead (ok, not the last one), but you get the point. It was in these vast seas of boots that Bud Shaunna realized her desire to find non-boot dress shoes seemed more like a pipe dream than a reality.

So ladies, if you find yourself a great pair of shoes, a pair that you absolutely love and wear continually, hold on to them like they're the last pair of shoes you'll ever have. Buy them in additional colors if you have to! Just do what you can to avoid a shoe string of bad luck.

As for Bud Shaunna, she might spend the winter in her bunny slippers.


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