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Change will do you good?

December 2, 2011 - Michael Palmer
Change, is like anything else, there will be a good and bad side to any change. The most important aspect of change is adapting to the difference.

Recently I have had a lot of changes going on/ Be it switching from diet mountain dew to tea or changing from father to grandfather, I have to stay light on my feet.

An example:

This year my dad hosted Thanksgiving with his new girlfriend and of course her kin folk. I admit that playing some classical music, lighting candles and getting out the good china is not necessary for me, but these folks, shall we say it politely, make my lifestyle look very sophisticated.

I do not wish to know what my mother would have thought about beer being the beverage of choice for the holiday meal. I can say she would not have approved. A nice wine served with dinner, yes, she would allow, but cans of Busch, NO!

At my house, we have the daughter, son-in-law (aka Mr. Personality) and the two awesome grandchildren living with us. Until last month we also had my other daughter at home, but she has since moved into an apartment near campus.

We are also temporarily housing Mr. Personality's half-brother.

So I decided it would be a great time to remodel the bathroom. Never said I was too bright did I?

This project has left the clan with out a functioning (flushing) toilet. Zoey is three so the penguin-O potty is still cool and Xander is just 15 months so he depends on no porcelain or plastic as of yet for the basic waste functions.

The rest of us, well I can say that until I was 8 years old the farm house had no indoor plumbing, so it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane to the Little House on the Prairie for myself. The rest of the clan however anxiously waited anticipating the green light on what used to be the bathroom door to signal the return of the S trap and civilization.

GOOD NEWS: The toilet is again functional, but the bath tub awaits reconnecting the gas line to the new water heater, replacing the more expensive cousin of the gas heating options and then a hot shower or bath for the youngsters and mother of course will be a highlight this weekend.

AND: I also thought it would be a great week to have a molar extracted. It became quite swollen and infected Thanksgiving eve, perhaps from all the banquet beer, and I called Monday expecting an appointment sometime late spring in 2012.

“How about Tuesday?”

“This Tuesday?” I answered.

Okay, it had to wait until Wednesday, because after surveying the tooth the dentist or oral surgeon decided to wait one day.

SO: I re-floored the bathroom Wednesday evening after oral surgery and if all goes well I will finish the basic bathroom and maybe set a new kitchen sink over the weekend just to keep the whole change theme going.

DID I MENTION: I volunteered to help my dad rip out all the carpeting in his house this weekend too?

The grand kids can not wait until I finish so I can come back out and play. I may get the lions share done this weekend, but for sure I will need a louder alarm clock come Monday.


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