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No moves are good moves

December 13, 2011 - Taste Buds
On the way back from a longer-than-usual lunchtime trek, the Buds began discussing football. This seems a strange topic of conversation for the Buds, as one Bud (Shaunna) is a lot more into football than the other Bud. (However, Bud Em is certainly no dummy when it comes to football!)

Of course, the topic of conversation wasn't cover two defenses or a breakdown of the offensive plays in the Browns-Steeelers game. Instead, it was something much more interesting--celebratory moves. You know, those dances, gestures and general shenanigans employed by individuals on the football field who make a good play or score a touchdown.

The Buds talked about Green Bay's quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his "strapping on the championship belt" move. For brevity's sake, let's just say the Buds are unimpressed by this "move." First of all, it has nothing to do with football. They don't hand out belts if you win the Lombardi Trophy--you get a ring, silly! Also, unless Vince McMahon is now the Packers general manager, then the championship belts are better left to the WWE.

But we're not just picking on Aaron Rodgers. We discussed all those schleps who, at one time or another, pulled out some ridiculous celebration move just to make the highlights on Sportscenter. For example, we had the guy a few weeks ago pretend to shoot himself in the leg in front of Plaxico Burress (who, unfortunately accidentally shot himself in the leg). This guy gets extra credit for creativity but, really, was that necessary? Yeah, we all chuckled for a second, but humiliating your opponent shouldn't be your goal.

And then let's skip back to the good old days of touchdown dances, like the Icky Shuffle, for instance. Unfortunately, everyone seemed more interested in one-uping the next guy, and then fast forward to things like the fake shooting or another player who scored a touchdown and then pulled out a cell phone. Things like that ruined the celebrations for guys like Icky Woods (who was LONG out of football by that time), guys who were just having a good time. The NFL just decided enough was enough and determined any "excessive celebrations" would incur a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. So not only do players who pull out cell phones look stupid, but they also hurt their team.

The Buds like the players who simply hand off the ball to the official after scoring. Boring, yes, but it's classy. It shows that he's been there before. \

Could you imagine if the Buds came up with their own celebratory dance? Bud Shaunna: "Wow! That was the best sandwich I've ever eaten!" Bud Em: "I agree! Let's celebrate!" And in true NFL celebration fashion, we'd spike our dinnerware on the ground and rush out of the restaurant before we have to clean up.


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