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Does God Care Who Wins Football Games?

January 16, 2012 - Michael Palmer
That is the title of an article by former NFL quarterback Fran Tarkenton in the Wall Street Journal. I recommend reading it as a great thought provoking article for both football fans and non-sports fans alike.

A quote from the article states, “As a player, though, I never understood why God would care who won a game between my team and another. It seemed like there were many far more important things going on in the world. There were religious guys on both teams. If God gets credit for the win, does he also take blame for defeat?”

The Tim Tebow game this weekend was an anticipated and much watched blow out and the Broncos were on the losing end of the final score. For religious fans of football it may have been a disappointment, but anyone watching the previews would have noticed that Denver was a big underdog and the Las Vegas line was “take the points and the over,” meaning that the Patriots were favored to win.

Like Mr. Tarkenton, I feel people just placed too much emphasis on this game regarding any type of religious connection because of a great season of seemingly miraculous comeback wins for Denver.

If you wanted to see a miraculous football game, then the Forty-Niners game was more of a religious experience if you will allow the reference.

I do recall a little different prayer theme from our locker room in high school than Fran's. Our coaches were not restricted by any moral or superstitious prohibitions in regards to praying for a victory. They would tend to be a little more like General George S. Patton's battle prayers.

I have to agree with Tarkenton that the pregame prayer was a moment of reflection where we all gathered in a momentary calm before the shouts of, ”Now let's go kill those S.O.B.'s!”

With all of the intense legislation and controversy about prayer in our schools, government and and on television, I am glad to see persons like Tim Tebow who are unafraid to show outward displays of their own personal religious values.

I think the Denver loss puts and end to this issue for now, but it will be back again.

Despite the evidence presented in the movie, “Angels in the Outfield, in my opinion, “AL,” or which ever supreme being you may believe in, does not care about the outcome of baseball or football games.

I agree with Fran that such an entity would have far more pressing business somewhere in the universe.

Besides, I know many Ohio State fans who were praying against Tebow when he was a QB for Florida and he still won, and we all know that the Buckeye Nation has God's ear.

We do, don't we?


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