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Ohio State Recruiting Class Ranked 2nd

January 17, 2012 - Michael Palmer
I usually prefer to go with the logic, "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"? In this instance I am not erring on the side of caution.

The sports headlines are touting Ohio State's recruiting class as moving up from seventh to the third best in the country. New head coach Urban Meyer deserves a lot of credit for this but it is also a frustrating bit of information for Buckeye fans who realize that we are not bowl eligible next season.

Seriously, why did the NCAA drag their feet in sending down a verdict so that this year's senior class could go and stink up a bowl game? So, now the Urban Meyer squad of 2012 is going to be punished for the sins of graduating seniors.

Sure, the players who actually committed the rule infraction were suspended, however, some of them who stayed with college football played in two bowl games. You can argue that there was a roster full of other players who deserved the opportunity, perhaps to salvage some small parcel of what might have been for the Buckeyes if the incident had not ever happened. I can understand that line of thought, but I personally feel that the current punishment for the program is more of a travesty of justice than that scenario.

I have been upset about the “Cinco de Inko” taking down a fine coach in Jim Tressel since the whole thing hit the media.

I have heard the arguments, these players were just kids, 18 years old, they did not know what they were doing. Horse Feathers! These players are a product of the generation of “participation trophies.”

My theory: If you get an award for sitting on the bench and/or losing, then the value of any trophies, pants, jersey or other memorabilia you get for actually being a champion become less valued.

Could you imagine Jack "The Assassin" Tatum trading away the 1968 championship ring he won as a sophomore for a tattoo?

What about Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith? Does he actually think anyone believes that he had no knowledge of the NCAA rules violations? I can tell you that co-worker Betty Pokas is one of the many Buckeye fans not buying that story.

Penn State's alleged sex abuse case was a far more serious case but that university handled it by doing a little cleaning house. Several high-level school officials were charged with perjury, suspended, or dismissed for allegedly covering up the incidents or failing to notify authorities. In the wake of the scandal, school president Graham Spanier was forced to resign.

In the case of Tressel and Paterno, both stated they had notified superiors of the incident and then taken no further action.

Being the head coach of a football program, especially in a DI Big Ten school, is no simple task, as many duties and responsibilities fall into your lap. So it is reasonable to assume that coaches delegate some tasks to assistants and other departments.

I would like to know who Tressel e-mailed when he found out about the rules infraction. Betty has a few dollars squirreled away she would bet that the AD was a 'cc' on that communication. She logically assumed that if Tressel e-mailed a superior that would leave very few suspects to investigate.

No use crying over spilled milk as they say. In the final analysis, I guess the Urban Meyer recruiting class can go to the national championship game as sophomores, that will be fine with me.


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