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Two flat tires?

March 1, 2012 - Michael Palmer
One flat tire is an inevitable consequence of driving, but when they come in pairs that signifies a much greater force is at work than chance.

My wife called the house and said she had a low tire, no check that one low tire and one completely flat. They were also on the back! I know, what are the odds?

If you hit road hazards, usually they are going to pierce the front tires, but this was an unusual double back flat.

She works at Wally World so the solution was easy, check the bank balance and drop it off at TLE. But no, whatever had flattened the tires had flipped up and put a small nick in the gas tank, just a tiny wet spot and a drip is a major issue for the TLE techs and company policy prohibits dismissing such problems, so I had to make a trip.

Go to Wally World, switch vehicles, transfer all of the stuff from one live in work car to the other, then take off for the more macho tire shop where they flirt with disaster and risk life and limb to service your vehicle.

Waiting for tires to be mounted and balanced is not bad at my garage, we talk sports and wrestling or farming, so the time flies by in comparison to the usual third string talk show or Judge Judy waiting rooms.

Then finally off to work, but wait, this car has a major issue, the radio does not work. I should have remembered this from the year and a half I drove it to work on my hour plus commute.

As my grand daughter Zoey says, "Boring!"

When I get the cars switched back I find out that the battery is dead on my other car, the lights or ignition were left on and drained the juice. So then I switch cars again and hook up the battery charger. Did not take long before the starter was whirring and I was finally on my way.

Then once I get to work, I found out that my internet, which was working slowly, like dial up snail speed slow, was really not e mailing anything at all.

I guess the server was down in some distant city near Pittsburgh where the main router lives for "hi speed" internet. Consequently, the 35 minutes spent uploading and sending the e mail was wasted time.

Not only that, but the finished product was still at home on my lap top!

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day and as a bonus I get what should prove to be an exciting assignment for photographing basketball in the D4 district finals between Shadyside and Hiland.

Should be epic!

I am leaving early though, I don't want to miss the game because my car broke down.


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