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April 6, 2012 - Michael Palmer
I had a very exciting, fun, interesting, long and exhausting week. It all began last Friday with covering a softball game at Harrison then over to the baseball field for a picture. I was fortunate enough to get a couple good photos to start off the spring season on the right foot.

Saturday track got underway for me with the Doan Ford track meet at Union Local.

The meet was dedicated and renamed for Gloria Dawes, the 22-year-old Class of 2007 Union Local High School graduate, who was about to begin her senior year at Ohio University, and tragically had her life cut short this past Labor Day weekend when she was killed in an automobile accident on Interstate 77 near Cambridge. The meet has been named the Doan Ford McDonald's Gloria M. Dawes Memorial Track and Field Invitational. I had a hard time at the ceremony, being acquainted with her and her family and having a daughter of the same age, it was very emotional.

The track meet itself of course was very cold - as usual. It is a long day but talking with parents, coaches and athletes helps pass the time.

Palm Sunday was fun, we had an egg hunt for the nieces and grand kids at my Dad's house.

Monday it was back to baseball and softball season and I was very happy to be back on the diamond shooting photos. I did get shut out Monday for any 'decent' action shots but Tuesday I shot Shadyside softball, cover and shot Shadyside baseball and then had the opportunity to shoot under the lights at Bridgeport. It was a good night, good games with just enough action that I was able to get an action shot at each field.

Wednesday it was very interesting to talk with the county officials about child abuse and how it is on the rise state wide. The most shocking statistic is the severity of the abuse and neglect cases. It is unfortunate that our society continues to decline n this category where parents are targeting their own children. I went from there back to UL for the Autism Awareness Month balloon launch. The kids really enjoy this event and it is always a beautiful photo.

Thursday was uneventful at work but when I got home, there was a fuse blown. Well actually it was a breaker kicked on a new circuit but when I re-energized it a junction box was shorting out and that rewire was added to my weekend list of Honey-Do's. Friday I found out that my cell pone that my daughter's boyfriend has on my account was destroyed by this nice young man. When the couple broke up in February after he came home from drinking with his “friends” and got violent and punched a wall and slapped his own mother, (can we say justified?) he still had the phone.

I agreed to let him keep the line with the provision he paid for it every month. Obviously he still had some funds to go out drinking at the bar, but could not divert any money to pay for the phone. Where do these people get off thinking that the world owes them a living?

I let him know that he had until the next billing period, 3 weeks away, to get the bill paid or the phone went off. I offered him the deal that if he turned the used phone back over to me I would erase the $300 plus dollars he owed me and we would call it even. More than fair, right? Not for this spoiled brat.

When my daughter asked him for the phone back, he lied and said it had been confiscated by Verizon when he tried to change the line. This was a lie. I checked with every Verizon store in 100 miles and none had the phone.

He finally confessed to destroying it in a fit of rage.

So I call the insurance company that covers the phone and they say my deductible is $149. Shall we say WORTHLESS! A new iPhone 4S is only $199.

Can I get another WORTHLESS for the boyfriend? Why? The contract is 2 years, with an early penalty for the line. So I get shanked for $500 by the lad.

Took him in when he and the daughter were short on rent. Charged him nothing, admittedly he did give us like $20 on three different occasions, but virtually rent free with no charge for eating or anything else. Treated him like family and then … the knife in the back! THANK YOU!

He has relocated to California, therefore I may have to stop by the sporting goods store on the way home and buy another punching bag.

So now I must rewind the week and focus on the positives.

I will thank God that my daughter is alive.

I will thank God for the opportunity to spend Easter with my family and grandchildren.

On that note, we are getting creative. We decided to have a night hunt with glow in the dark eggs powered by little glow bracelets.


If you need to, stop over and have a chocolate egg with me while we punch the stuffing out of a punching bag!


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