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Football is DOOMED?

May 7, 2012 - Michael Palmer
John Kass: The bone-shattering truth: U.S. football is doomed is an article that claims that Junior Seau didn’t just commit suicide when he shot himself in the chest last week, he also mortally wounded the sport he loved.

Don't panic, the local high school teams will still take to the turf next fall he comforts. The article says this will not be a quick death for our beloved gridiron, it will be a slow and painful demise taking decades of helicopter parents pulling their sons and daughters off the field to facilitate.

I did some research after reading the above article and there are many more professional sports writers and commentators who predict that it is an inevitable consequence of our over-protective liberal mind set. These sports writers are convinced that the research data proves that the beloved sport of football not only maims, but eventually kills its players.

Joel Mathis of the Philly Post sates: “Turns out that ramming into other human beings at high speeds, over and over again during a game, over and over again over the years, turns your mind into mush. Autopsies on the brains of numerous former football players show a pattern of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, holes in brain that often cause depression, dementia and early death. It doesn’t just take a concussion—though that’s where the discussion has been mostly focused; it just takes the normal wear and tear of playing football.”

You can certainly mitigate the risk. But remember the issue isn't concussions. It is "repetitive subconcussive impact." It's not the one big hit. It is the cumulative effect of thousands of little hits that lineman and defensive backs (he most affected positions endure, play after play. Can you take the "head" out of line play? You can. They already eliminated my favorite part of being on the line, the head slap.

If you regulate out all the violent content, then what you are left with would no longer be called tackle football. It would be called touch football.

So not just the prima donna quarterbacks, lets all listen to the wuss squad and put a skirt on the remaining 10 players, and watch some professional touch football?

The Pee Wee leagues will be the first to fall, then high school and inevitably without a feeder system the collegiate ranks will starve to death taking down the NFL as they flat line.

It has been a point of discussion that college football is a farce and would soon fall due to the all but obvious conclusion that the student-athlete in DI is an illusion. Since the brass at Ohio State poured gasoline all over Jim Tressel and lit a match to cover up tattoo gate, I have paid more attention to this issue.

Combine these two points and you can almost feel the tsunami rising against the sport in the ranks of the non-betting members of the namby-pamby nerd herd that is clamoring to grab the reigns of our nation.

Like so many other of our freedoms, once they are gone they can never be regained or only through great effort. All of the commenting on this issue seems to agree that there is no stopping the tidal wave against football. It is being compared to the Roman Colosseum and the players to the christians or gladiators.

So, enjoy your trips to the Amphitheatrum Caesareum this fall to watch your favorite football team, because it may not be in our lifetime, but it is only a matter of time before boxing, MMA, football and any other sport these clowns deem barbaric and dangerous will be targeted for death.


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