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Must see TV

August 29, 2012 - Taste Buds
The Buds wonder, why do TV stations send people out into the worst weather for a "live, on the scene" report? That's never more evident than during hurricane season.

Time and time again we see reporters bundled up in florescent raincoats (that provide little protection from the elements) standing in an awkward forward lunge position in 100 mph winds and horizontal rain. He or she is screaming into a microphone, "Well, as you can see, the rain and winds have really picked up out here!" but all we can hear is the wind blowing into the microphone.

Is it really necessary for a live report on a hurricane? How low on the totem pole must you be in your newsroom to be the person selected to go outside and cover a hurricane? With today's technology and cameras able to be mounted anywhere and withstand just about anything, why can't they just shoot us some camera shots from already secure building cams?

On the other hand, sometimes news stations send their best people out into the storm. However, didn't the likes of famous newscasters like Geraldo Rivera and Al Roker getting knocked down by storm surge and wind (respectively) teach us anything? Al Roker even had a guy holding onto his leg in one video clip for crying out loud! And how many times did Geraldo fall down or narrowly miss disaster (we're just talking hurricane reporting here, not his talk show)?

The funny thing is, as silly as this may be, people (the Buds included) seem to have a weird fascination with this. We all tune in to see how bad the storm is first and then we spend the rest of the time trying to figure out how the reporter is staying upright. Also, we find the ones who are foolish enough to take umbrellas outside forward-thinking but not at all practical.

In the meantime, we will all continue to tune in to these live weather reports whether we admit it or not. We just need to have the affirmation that yes, it IS raining quite hard and yes, the wind IS picking up slightly. Because we didn't see that boat floating by in the background.


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