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What's inside Gate #1?

April 3, 2013 - Taste Buds
Archaeologists say they have found the "Gate to Hell." No, it's not the door to your dentist's office. And no, jokesters, the road to it is not "paved with good intentions."

This gate, also known as "Pluto's Gate" was discovered by Italian archaeologists last month in Turkey. Based on classic mythology, Pluto (also known as Hades) was the ruler of the underworld, and Pluto's Gate served as the entrance. After these archaeologists dug around the World Heritage Site of Hierapolis for many years, the "Gate to Hell" turned up. They also found remnants of a temple, a pool and steps.

And, as if being the gate to the underworld wasn't mystique enough, the site actually spews out poisonous gases. It's just like in the olden B.C. times when a Greek geographer named Strabo talked about the mistiness and toxicity of the cave's entrance. He said: "Any animal that passes inside meets instant death. I threw in sparrows and they immediately breathed their last and fell." Well, that's kinda creepy. And furthermore, how did he even get to hold a sparrow long enough to even throw it?

Even the archaeologists now said they could still tell the fumes around the cave were toxic because birds, drawn to it by warm air, flew by and suffocated. Lovely. The toxic fumes they're referring to is from carbon dioxide gas. Yes, we looked it up, it is deadly, but frankly, the Buds were hoping for something a little "cooler" than that. I mean, throw in some hydrogen sulfide gas or something else with a big, long name we can't type or spell.

And apparently there are more than one of these noxious gas-spewing portals to the underworld. A modern day "Door to Hell" exists in Turkmenistan. About 40 years ago, geologists who were digging there came across this pit filled with natural gas. They thought maybe they could burn off the gas by setting it on fire (either that or one of them "triple dog dared" the other), so they lit it on fire. It's been burning ever since.

With all these entrances now apparently available to a scary place down below, the Buds, looking forward to a nicer place to spend eternity, hope someone begins searching for a "Stairway to Heaven." Hey, if Eric Clapton isn't busy, maybe he can help!


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