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This is what happens when the patients run the asylum

December 13, 2013 - Shaunna Dunder Hershberger
Today is one of those days when I actually feel sorry for a franchise other than my own favorite.... I am so glad to say I am not a Washington Redskins fan right now.

The Mike Shanahan-Robert Griffin III-Daniel Synder love triangle (or would that be the triangle of disdain?) is one of the most head-scratch-worthy relationship dynamics in the NFL. The latest move in this chess game came from Mike Shanahan who, reportedly with Daniel Synder's blessing, benched RG3 for the remaining three games. His reason? RG3 had been taking way too many hits, Shanahan said. He wanted to ensure he would be healthy in the offseason.

That's a bunch of hooey. Mike Shanahan benched RG3 because he was not playing well. RG3's level of play this year has been well below expectations, especially given his stellar freshman year in the league (he was named the NFL's Rookie of the Year in 2012, lest we've all forgotten). But it's not all his fault, either. The offensive line is terrible, and I have to believe Kirk Cousins, who will get the start the remaining three games, is going to be running for his life, just like his predecessor.

In addition, I don't think there is any hope for the atrocious defense either. Last week, the Skins D made the Chiefs offense look like Baylor's offense. By the second quarter, the Chiefs had 35 points, and the fans showed their displeasure by hitting the exits at halftime. Apparently they followed their team's mentality and quit on the game. A stadium shot a few minutes into the third quarter revealed so many empty seats that it looked like post-game clean up time. How embarrassing.

Mike Shanahan is on his way out, and it's quite obvious he's doing everything he can to show he doesn't care. He doesn't care about Snyder, he doesn't care about RG3, and worst of all, he doesn't care about the season. How can you say he does care? If he had said, "I'm benching RG3 because he's not playing well," that holds MUCH more credibility than saying, "I want to ensure he has a healthy offseason." Like Shanahan cares about the Redskins offseason. He'll be long gone by then and the Redskins offseason will be someone else's problem. All Shanahan cares about is that $7 mil on his contract for next season -- and he's certainly not going to resign, because he wants that money.

So that leaves Daniel Snyder wondering where he should throw his next millions of dollars. I wonder if Snyder has any real football knowledge, or if he just likes to cash in on name value? Marty Schottenheimer once said he would never work for Daniel Snyder, but he changed his tune really fast when Snyder threw enough dollar signs at the former coach. That experiment ended predictably -- in failure, as did the horrible Steve Spurrier experiment. Spurrier was not NFL head coach material, but at the time, he was the biggest name in the sport, so Snyder thought, "What the heck? Let's get this guy in here and see what he can do!" Add Mike Shanahan to this list of failures, and we've got quite a laundry list here.

RG3 is Snyder's latest cash cow. He's certainly not going anywhere, and neither is Snyder. History dictates that Snyder will search for the biggest name in the football coaching world and try to coax him into Washington. Never mind if his system will mesh with the franchise player's style or strengths. Let's just hope he does the right thing and selects a coach not for name-value, but for the skills he has to turn this franchise around and effectively use the talent he has available.

Yup. Glad I'm not a Redskins fan today.....


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Dec-13-13 9:57 PM

the franchise is in disarray. Sadly, a great tradition continues to spiral out of control. Possibly, Mr. Snyder should go into the potato chip business.


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