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The BIG 5-0

December 21, 2008 - Michael Palmer
Turning 50 - Half a century - Wow! I also became a Grandpa this year. I t wasn't really all that traumatic.

The day came and went with little fanfare. While few others realized my carbon dating process had reached a half-life, the people at AARP are really on the ball, they had a card in my mail box waiting for me, I am eligible to be a member and get huge those discounts on the senior breakfast Thursday mornings before 11. This item is still tabled for discussion at a later date.

I went out to a karaoke bar for a little celebration with another old fart - he is sadly way past his prime - 51 - oh well, I practiced one tune that is in my low barotone range and guess what - he sang it right off! Then I was in real trouble, the list of songs is in 10 point type and bars are not very well lit. This is done as a favor to ugly people who like to drink.

Long story short I was stuck .... Listen, if you think about it there are plenty of high range vocals in the male artists category for rock or country, listen to your radio or switch to your music program and see how many low notes come out of the speakers, go ahead I will wait. Told you so.

Since my high range went into the rubbish can with my Clearasil I decidee to pass. Now I regret it, becasue, I went to see a friend's band playing at another venue, and he was screaming out AC-DC vocals. This was at first depressing, Tim Martini is like 60, and he was jumping all over the stage with his guitar and singing way up high.

PROMO: The Band - Badstone - - THEY ROCK!

I thought about it, if this dude is like 60, then I still have a decade left to rock out! A little history lesson: All of my Jr. High buddies idolized Tim, he was a real Guitar Hero when we were growing up in the 70's when he was with his band Sal. Now it is thirty years later, I have to admit I still should be idolizing him because he is still obviously having a blast playing in a rock band for an audience that is mostly 20 something.

I talked to him during a break. It was about our kids graduating from college, not the typical rock shop talk. We both knew we were getting old, but there are some signs of hope.

I mean, we discussed Keith Richards, he is still alive and that is really good news for the rest of us, he is 67! There fore, logically, since I did not use my liver for an alcohol sponge or take recreational drugs like Rosie O'Donnell pops M&M's, I still could have many good years left.

I don't think I will try and grow a skullet and get back into a band, but I plan on doing more things to have fun. So Tim, buddy if you read this, Keep on Rockin! We will be seeing you again soon, maybe at breakfast some Thursday morning.


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