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Welcome to Jurassic Park

January 26, 2009 - Michael Palmer
In the movie Jusrassic Park, when the paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant first sees that dinosaurs have been cloned from preserved DNA; he has the following conversation with Dr. Ian Malcolm.

Dr. Alan Grant: It looks like we're out of a job. Dr. Ian Malcolm: Don't you mean extinct?

There have been many technological advances in photography over the past two centuries which has made it easier and more efficient, the most significant is the development of automatic digital cameras.

In the last 65 years, many of the advances in photography have come with the types of cameras that were introduced. Besides Eastman's box camera and Leica's 35- mm, there has been the Polaroid, the disposable, and the digital. The camera is an essential part of photography and the easier it is to use, the easier the overall process will be.

Unfortunately, as the camera has become easier to use and the need to use and develop film has disappeared, the need for a skilled photographer has diminished.

Photographers may soon go the way of the Milkman, Service Station Attendant, Elevator Operator, Car Hops, Typesetters and Pony Express Riders.

Photographers are not the only endangered species, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics' office jobs are among the positions hardest hit by the computer era.

"Word processors and typists will lose about 93,000 jobs over the next 5 years, while 57,000 clerical jobs will disappear. The outlook is also bleak for stock clerks, whose ranks are expected to decrease by 68,000. Furthermore, employees in inventory control for manufacturing firms and wholesalers are being replaced with computerized systems.

The service economy is fading; welcome to the expertise economy. To prosper in the new job market, you must be able to handle complex problems. Indeed, all but one of the 50 highest-paying occupations -- air-traffic controller -- demand at least a bachelor's degree.

For job seekers with only a high school diploma, it's going to get even more challenging to secure a decent paying job. Since less factory and clerical jobs will be available, what are left will be the jobs that computers cannot do such as flipping burgers, cleaning office buildings and caring for the Elderly. Since these types of jobs are generally held by those with less education and/or work experience, wages will remain low and this may create an even larger divide between rich and poor."

Photography has been and will continue to be an ever-evolving process. It has gone from being a long, tedious, expensive process into one that is relatively quick and efficient; over the next few years who knows where technological advances will take the field of photography. This is great for amateur photographers; but for those of us who make a living behind the lens, well maybe taking some night classes wouldn't be a bad idea.

Do they still offer Keypunch?


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