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Making sushi easier than it looks, or simply: I'm gonna work at Benihana!

January 30, 2009 - Taste Buds
For months and months, the Taste Buds have been waiting for the Fusion Japanese Steakhouse to open at The Highlands. We’ve been practically drooling thinking of the all the chicken, shrimp and salmon that will be grilled in front of us by sprightly little Asian men.

We can barely conceal our excitement in anticipation of the onion volcanoes and egg-tossing tricks that are sure to come. We’ve been tossing shrimp at each other like we’re members of the Ringling Brothers for goodness sakes!

But....those guys are taking FOREVER to build that place.

So, equipped with a sushi-making kit from Santa, Bud Em decided to take matters into her own hands.

In preparation, Em spent an afternoon watching the instructional video.

She also made a trip to the strip district in Pittsburgh in search of an Asian market.

She carefully selected nori seaweed, wasabi paste, pickled ginger, rice and, most importantly, raw fish.

With all of the essential ingredients (which also included cucumbers, carrots and avocado) she assembled the sushi rolls.

Some had tuna, some had salmon, some had shrimp. Her daughter even tried her hand at sushi making a mean California roll!

The sushi turned out pretty darn good, for being made by a Caucasian chick in Appalachia. Although she admits that her sushi rice needs some work (too sticky) the overall product was most impressive, if she does say so herself. If you don’t believe us, check out the photo.

Em tried to get her brother to sample her handiwork, but he adamantly refused stating fear of parasites as the reason. What a big wuss!

Bud Tricia wasn’t afraid - she’ll try anything once! She thought the sushi was delicious, sans the pickled ginger of which she is not a fan.

Have you undertaken a new food-related endeavor lately? Share it with us! Email us at

Taste Bud Alert: One of our all-time favorite restaurants is changing its name. Something Fishy in Moundsville is now known as LB’s.

One could infer from the name that the eatery specializes in Elby-style foods. If one was to do that, one would be correct!

There are Big Boys, Slim Jims, Brawny Lads and Swiss Miss sandwiches that taste just like the originals. And, we hear there is hot fudge cake that is to DIE for!

LB’s is located at the end of First Street in Moundsville (2213 First St.) and the number is 304-845-0005.

And, we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least give the weather a mention this week.

In our opinion, this weather, in a word, STINKS!

Who’s with us on this one?!

It’s snow. It’s ice. It’s more snow! It’s kids stuck at home eating all our food! It’s waiting for the weather forecasters to tell us what we’ll be faced with next!

It’s stressing us out, for cryin’ out loud!

We’re too young to go gray over this!

But, since we have been stuck inside we have been watching a ton of movies which leads us to our new feature -- drum roll, please -- called Seen It Sista!

“American Gangster” with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe is a good flick but not one for the kiddies. Frankly, we love just about anything these guys are in but be forewarned - neither of them are looking like they spent hours and hours in a gym for these roles. Still, the story is worth spending the afternoon with.

“Appaloosa,” starring Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris made it into the DVD player. This was a middle of the road film. The relationship between Viggo and Ed was great but the storyline was a bit slowmoving. It got excellent reviews show so you should check in out for yourself.

Also, “The Hulk” with Edward Norton and “Across the Universe” are mindless ways to pass the time when you are snowbound.

Have you seen any good flicks lately? Let us know!


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Em's sushi. She would like to credit her daughter with the garnish design.