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Top 10 Television Couples

April 8, 2009 - Kim Collette

I told my boyfriend (whose code name from now on will be Batman) that I would never mention him in my blogs.  And, why would I....he's not a celebrity or anything!?!  But a convo Batman and I had this weekend about whether or not certain couples "matched" (and I don't mean their clothes ) got me thinking....who were my favorite couples on television?  I'll list my favorite 10 couples, which undoubtedly will leave some of your favorites out.  So....let me know who you think should be on the list.

10.Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski (Saved by the Bell)  This choice is probably showing you my age, but this high school romance is still one of my favs.  Whether getting in trouble with Mr.Belding or smooth talking his classmates, Zack only had eyes for cheerleader Kelly.

9.Cliff and Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show)  A great tv marriage!  Two professionals---a doctor and lawyer in one house---as busy parents too.  They still always had time for each other.

8.Rob and Laura Petrie(The Dick Van Dyke Show)  Great chemistry between Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke.  You  knew they loved each other.....and how about those separate beds!

7.Paul and Jamie Buchman (Mad About You)  30 year olds living in one of my all-time favorite cities...New York!  A young couple who balanced work, their relationship and even their lovable dog Murray!

6.Donna Martin and David Silver( Beverly Hills 90210)  The first love!  Who didn't watch as Donna and David's love story went on the roller coaster ride?  By the end of 90210's original run...Donna finally became Mrs.David Silver!  One of my favorite tv memories: David proposing to Donna in the sand in front of her beach house....

5.Eric and Tami Taylor(Friday Night Lights)  You know I had to include them!  Currently Eric and Tami are the most realistic marriage on tv.  They fight, disagree, get on each others nerves and kiss and make up.  They also raise children like real parents do!

4.Ross Geller and Rachel Green (Friends)  Are you throwing anything at the computer because I picked them?  Even one of my co-workers said I should have picked Monica and Chandler.  But, c'mon, we all remember their break-ups, make-ups and who will ever forget their "we were on a break." After 10 seasons, their timing was finally right and ended their tv run together!

3.Carrie Bradshaw and Mr.Big (Sex and the City)  I'll admit it....I have always wanted to be Carrie....I mean, who hasn't.  Or...if at all else have her shoe collection!  Carrie's columns about her good, bad and ugly relationships hit home with every single gal in their 30s.  It was a great ending that Carrie finally got her man in the end....Mr. Big!

2.Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd (Grey's Anatomy)  If you haven't thrown anything at your computer yet, I'm sure you are now!  Love'em or Hate'em McDreamy and Meredith heat up the tv every Thursday.  Who knows (now that they are engaged!?!?!?)  if they will have the same effect?   But...what romantic didn't love the candle house that Meredith built?  Love these two!

And.....#1 is.....

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz---The real-life couple is the quintessential tv couple to me.  From the  I Love Lucy show to The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, their on air chemistry and antics showed  these two lovebirds really clicked.

I do have to mention, like any "top" list, there are a couple of honorable mentions:Ray and Debra Barone, Edith and Archie Bunker and Tim and Jill Taylor.

There you have it!  My favorite tv couples of all-time....agree or disagree?  Let me know who your favorites are!

Until next time friends!


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