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April 22, 2009 - Michael Palmer
Wednesday was a better day in the hospital, when I called the room this morning Mom answered and recognized my voice. She explained that the doctors still would not say specifically what had happened, but were fairly sure that it was an adverse reaction to a drug. Since she had been taking an experimental cancer drug, along with Tylenol and an anti-nausea prescription, I don’t believe we need the lab investigation team from a police docu-drama to narrow this one down.

Although Mom has bounced back for the most part, she still has some side effects in her comprehension and physically she is extremely weak and will require therapy. We are all very relieved, however, that was just part one of the week from hell.

My daughter and grandbaby Zoey are living with a, let’s be nice, mentally unstable man. He has been verbally abusive to her and recently was cited for Domestic Violence and Battery for brawling with his brother at their apartment. They received an eviction notice and a disconnect notice so they had to move out this Friday. Unfortunately, due to an incident where we had to call the Harrison County Sheriffs Department to have him removed from my home when he locked himself in my car and threatened to set himself on fire he knew he could not come back here. My daughter had told us that she was moving back in with us and he was going to move down with his dad and get some money saved up so they could get an apartment and he could go back to school.

After work today, I went by to see her at her apartment, she had told me on Monday that she was out of food and so we had gone grocery shopping Monday night and I wanted to check to see if she needed anything else. I also had noticed that her diaper bag was nearly empty and had some bought her some diapers and wipes that I had in my car for her and also wanted to update her and let her know her grandmother was getting better.

To my surprise, the apartment was empty. They were gone.

So I deducted that he called up his grandmother and made plans to move back in with his Mom and Dad in Jackson. These are the parents he blames for causing his behavioral issues, he claims that they abused him, physically and mentally and had at one time locked him a room for months at a time.

Here is the scenario, he had to go to court for the charges on Tuesday. I had been awake all night at the bedside of my daughter’s very sick grandmother, but still managed to make it back in time to let her use my car to take her husband to court. She never mentioned her plans to move to me. How could she do this to her family? Her grandmother was hospitalized in serious condition, her mother was working for a week at a remodel for Wal Mart in Newark and me, I had to get home and get some sleep. She did not even say goodbye.

The move was a surprise, because they had lived there before and left under the watchful gaze of the county sheriff because his brothers were blocking the driveway and threatening to beat the $#!@ out of their brother while Mom and Dad Campbell sat idly by and did nothing to stop it. She was totally isolated from the world at their house, they do not have a phone, and forbid her to use their cell to call her family because they could not afford the long distance charges. They do not have a car, we had bought and paid for the repairs on a vehicle for them, but it had broken down. So she is trapped there with him in his domain. He has got to be happy with himself this time, what did he threaten her with, did she really think he would get custody of the child?

Define an Emotional and/or Psychological Abusive person:

This form of violence has the power to destroy the victim’s self-esteem over time. Although not as visible as physical or sexual violence, the scars of emotional and/or psychological abuse are traumatic and long lasting. This form of abuse is almost always present in families where physical and/or sexual domestic violence occur.

Intimidation, e.g. looks, gestures, yelling, smashing things or destroying the victim’s property, threats to harm a child or children or keep them from the victim, isolating the victim from family and friends and economic domination are common ways in which abusers cause emotional and/or psychological damage to their victims.

Isolating the victim from family and friends and economic domination. She is a very smart girl, but she refuses to recognize this problem. “You don’t know him like I do, he really loves me, he is sorry and he promises he will take his medicine and won’t lose his temper again.”

I just got a call from my daughter and she admitted through her tears that she had been a part of his plan to sneak out of our lives. She is staying, as we feared, with his parents, but “they have changed, people change you know.” She so wants to save her marriage that she has taken her daughter into an environment of abuse and violence, just to try once again to please he master.

I will be very tired again tomorrow, I plan to stay up all night researching the issue and trying to find a solution to get someone to intervene.

If anyone reads this blog who has any avenues we should pursue that may help us, please contact me. Your prayers are also appreciated.


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