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April 23, 2009 - Kim Collette

I just read an absolutely hilarious article written by Stephen King for Entertainment Weekly magazine about.....earworms!

Huh?  That sounds gross, you're probably saying to yourself.  Calm down....they aren't  actual worms and they don't actually  get stuck in your ear.  According to "earworm" is a term for a portion of a song or other music material that  repeats compulsively within one's mind, known colloquially as "music being STUCK in one's head."

Honestly....who hasn't woken up to their alarm playing a little ditty and then found themselves 3 or 4 hours later STILL singing that very same song?  Or you drive to work listening to the radio, you get out of your car and the last song you heard you sing at work ALL day!  Earworms!  Dreadfully, annoying suckers!

Are you already thinking of annoying songs that get stuck in your head?  I know I am! Please earworms...leave me alone....I have to finish my blog!  And, now I'm singing  Black Eyed Peas "Boom Boom Pow."   'Boom boom boom/Gotta get get/Boom boom boom/Gotta get get.'  UGH!...did that really have to be the last song I heard in my car this morning?

In King's, column some of the songs mentioned on the "drive-you-crazy meter" were, "Macarena," "Coconut," "Who Let the Dogs Out," and "Mickey."  You have to be singing (because I am) 'Oh Mickey, you're so fine/ You're so fine you blow my mind/ Hey Mickey!/Hey Mickey!

So how long will you be infected by your newly "caught" earworm?  According to research I did ...You're looking at anywhere from a couple of hours (55% of people) to a full day (23%).  Ladies....lucky you....women tend to report more irritation and frustration at earworms.  And, I believe that last statement!  I have so many earworms infecting me now that  it's like they are overtaking my entire brain!

'Come on Eileen/I swear (well he means) at this moment you mean everything'....OH NO! Another one!....'If you like Pina Coladas/And getting caught in the rain'......Yowzers!  It won't stop!  'Her name was Lola/She was a showgirl....Copa Copacabana!'

What's even worse about earworms is that not only do songs and lyrics get stuck  in your head.....advertising jingles do too!  'The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup' ...Or 'My bologna has a first name/It's O-S-C-A-R!'

No one...and I mean no one, is immune to these dreaded, drive you crazy, earworms.  And...each of us has that one little song or jingle that triggers instant annoyance.  A quick poll I did came up with these songs and jingles:
                *Subway's $5 Footlong
                *Wild Thing
                *The Monkee's Theme Song
                *The Green Acres Theme Song
                *Across the Field (Ohio State's Fight Song....We are in Buckeye Country!)

For me though, the biggest and baddest of all earworms EVER, have to be Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" and The Beatles "All You Need Is Love."(Which I am sure makes my father proud that not only do I know these songs, but that they are the ones that get stuck in my head)!   'Sweet Caroline (Bum, Bum, Bum)/Good times never seemed so good'......'All you need is love (Da,Da, Dada Duh)/All you need is love.'

Try to quit reading this blog and not having some song stuck in your head.  I dare triple dog dare you!

Until next time friends!

****On a side note, my sincerest apologies to J and R, who had the unfortunate luck of sitting by me while I blogged and contracting their own "earworms," "The Safety Dance" and "Pina Colada"!  


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