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A Baseball Analogy

April 28, 2009 - Michael Palmer
The main stream media is struggling and the alternative media is thriving on the internet.

If you do a web search you will quickly find that there are thousands upon thousands of sources in the alternative media. Then the task of deciding which of these many and diverse web sites is the reliable source of information? Which is telling the plain truth, perhaps none, they all have agendas and therefore a bias of some sort is most surely woven into the fabric of their blogs and commentaries.

The mainstream corporate media in the United States is going bankrupt, TV is going bankrupt, newspapers are going bankrupt. Unfortunately, despite promises from the new president, corporations are having to make cut backs. Some newspapers have just folded their tents, for those of us remaining the glory days are gone for now. Therefore, I blog!

Today we will take a peek into a corporate meeting for a fictional minor league baseball team; the Hashhouse Gorillas. We enter the room as the meeting begins…….

CEO: “Glad you could make it. Let’s get down to business. The economy is in the outhouse and my stock portfolio is on life support, so now we need to make some hard decisions.”

Sully: “You mean like if we should pay our taxes or not.”

CEO: “Don’t be joking at a time like this, our gate receipts are down, not to a critical point, but this will cut back on profits. Since we are not a charity and need to keep our profits at the same level as before the recession we need to make some cuts in the team roster.”

Boog: “Geez chief, we are already playing with just nine men, what else can we cut?”

CEO: “Well, we discussed the game as a business and came up with the following suggestions: First, we don’t need a short stop. Since Jorge tore his ACL in last night’s game and will be out for the rest of the season, we have decided not to replace him.”

Sully: “What!”

CEO: “Now just listen before you jump to any conclusions. We have just three bases, right? So logic dictates that we need just three infielders. I mean, really, the shortstop does not even have his own base, so he is just a luxury we currently can not currently afford.”

Boog: “Are you serious?”

CEO: “Would you rather shut down the team?”

Boog: “No, I guess not.”

CEO: “Fine then let’s move on. Furthermore, after more discussion, a round of golf and a quick check of our other investments it has been decided that we are trading the right fielder and will not replace him.”

Sully: “That’s just crazy!”

CEO: “Hear me out. There is only one batter at the plate, right? And statistically he hit’s a majority of his fly balls into just one field, right? So at any time one of the outfielders is just standing around doing nothing. One batter, one ball, one field. Sure, the other outfielders will have to take up the slack ..... but we won’t hear of any salary increases.”

Boog: “But cheif, we are saving two whole players salaries, do you mean to say we can’t even compensate the other seven players just a little for their extra work?”

CEO: “Who let this guy in here? He is obviously not a team player, end of discussion.”

Sully: "What discussion?"

So you see there is a new world order. Are you waiting on President Obama to save us all?

He said he wouldn’t hire lobbyists. Yet he has placed lobbyists at every level of government. He promised the liberal doves that he would take the troops out of Iraq immediately. After further review, he is saying 16 to 23 months and has increased the troops by 30 thousand in Afghanistan.

Obama promised that he would only raise taxes on those making over a quarter million dollars a year. According to the Wall Street Journal, he is going to work to eliminate all the loop holes and further tax all Americans by taking away many of our the exemptions.

It was feared that the government’s free trade policies would deindustrialize our country. Now it seems that our current economy will further eliminate manufacturing and those union scale wages. Are we soon to be left with a domesticated population that looks to the government for handouts?

Our economy is in a very real danger of collapsing. The same economists who accurately predicted this economic “downturn” are forecasting a second coming of the “Great Depression” and We the People need to wake up, get informed and get involved. Or just sit idly by and wait for our stimulus money.


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