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A Letter to TV

May 12, 2009 - Kim Collette
Dear 2008-2009 television season,

With most series' season finales airing this week, I wanted to write you a letter to express my thoughts on this year; win, lose or draw (at least from what I saw over the hundreds of thousands of hours I spent with you this fall, winter and spring!).

Who could have guessed that one of the most talked about events this year would actually be from The Bachelor?
  We all watched as Deanna broke Jason's heart and were thrilled that he was chosen as the new bachelor.  Kudos for picking least we thought!  Jason proposed to Melissa on the season finale.  Then...shockingly...broke up with her on "After the Final Rose." top it off, he actually asked out  Molly, whom he dumped to propose to Melissa.  Molly said yes!  Jason's "change of heart" may have harmed this shows reputation even more (considering there still is only 1 marriage that actually happened from the bajillion seasons).  Melissa on the other hand bounced back on Dancing with the Stars.  And, she will find out tonight if she danced her way into the finals with a chance to win the coveted mirror ball trophy.  TV...I give you a draw on this one!  Just do have some nerve though!  The next installment starts next week with another of Jason's castoffs as the new bachelorette!  But...will anyone tune in?

You have redeemed yourself (at least in the reality show genre...for the time being) with Season 8 of American Idol.  What a diverse and talented group of finalists!  You shook things up by adding a 4th judge (which I personally haven't taken to) and the judge's save (which by the way didn't make a darn bit of difference). least overall you are trying to improve this show.  Why I consider it a winner this year is definitely the finalists.  Who thought we'd EVER see a finalist like Adam who is no cookie cutter contestant?  Plus, it really is anyone's game this year....A definite win for the tv season!

TV season....a big LOSER in my book was The Celebrity Apprentice. C'mon do you really think we were surprised that "The Donald" never fired Joan?  If she were in the real world and acted the way she did on the show, she would have been fired no questions asked.  Donald even said in 1 episode that  they were good friends.  Or do you think we couldn't figure out that the finale would be Joan vs. Annie?  Yes, I know the ratings finally beat TheUnit and Brothers & Sisters, but was it worth it?  I think Jesse James in the finale would have totally changed my opinion. Who wouldn't have like to seen a blue-collar guy showing he has what it takes to work for The Trump Organization?  Instead, we got Joan Rivers (who I personally can't take) as the winner.  Celebrity Apprentice, a loser for all the above reasons!

Thank you
tv season for returning one of my favorite shows to past glory.  Grey's Anatomy started on some shaky ground this year, but within the past month or so it has reminded me why I fell in love with this show to start with.  Finally having Meredith and Derek together!  Finally letting us know why Izzy was "seeing" her dead boyfriend!  Izzy's battle with cancer!  The almost Mer/Der wedding that turned into Alex and Izzy's big day.  All reasons I feel this show is back.  I am very excited you decided to end their season with a 2-hour event on Thursday!

Thank you for introducing us to Simon Baker as Thomas Jane on The Mentalist.  A breath of fresh air into the all too common crime drama.  Baker is absolutely charming in this role. (And he's pretty handsome if you ask me!)  The story lines aren't too deep and it's always amusing to see how Jane uses mental tricks to nab the unsuspecting criminal.

But TV...why oh why did you have to give us shows like True Beauty and Momma's Boys?  Yes....True Beauty judged contestants on inner beauty. turned around and still scored them on how aesthetically beautiful they were.  This program showed egocentricism at it's highest!  I am still mad that I wasted so much time on this whacky show!  And, Momma's Boys.....why do you feel the need to spin-off another dating show?  The "boys" had their mothers on the show with them to give them advice (which by the way....none of them followed).  The only somewhat good part was the hilarious relationship between JoJo and his way toooooo overprotective mother!

Overall tv season, I think you had a good year.  I cheered that we finally got some much needed answers on LOST.  I booed that we got duped into thinking that House and Cuddy hooked up.  I cheered that you renewed Friday Night Lights for a 3rd season!  You really did a good job in keeping me entertained during the colder months of the year.

Now that the weather is breaking, I won't be spending as much time with you.  Summer tv season and I just don't have the same relationship as we do.   (Plus it's time to go for walks, bike rides and play outside!) Thanks again for the fun this tv season....I'll say good bye for now......It'll be a long 3 months without you!

Until next time friends!


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