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May 20, 2009 - Seth Staskey

I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest NBA and/or NHL fan. I watch casually and know what's going on, but I don't play my entire day's schedule around being in front of a television for the games.

However, I will say that for the second straight spring, I have become very interested in watching the Penguins. I am not a fan per se. I don't have a blue jersey or feel the need to rip on players of other teams on websites such as Facebook or anything like that. Basically, I am not over the edge. I do enjoy the games however. Exciting and entertaining are the words I would use to describe them. But, I still have trouble finding the puck and I am strictly a novice on the rules. However, my girlfriend knows and enjoys the sport, so she points things out to me as we watch the games.

There are some who are too arrogant to watch hockey. Those people don't realize the skill and athleticism that's involved. Obviously, not everyone is going to love it. I by no means love it, but it can be an entertaining sport.

As for the NBA playoffs, I am less into those than I am NHL. I do enjoy watching the Lakers. That team is flat out entertaining. They've got arguably the top player on the planet and the reason I like the Lakers is because all of the players on the team know everything runs through Kobe Bryant.

I am a LeBron James fan. My buddy -- Kurt Stubbs -- and I chased this guy around the tri-state area during his prep days. I've got nearly every magazine he's ever been on the cover of, the home, road and Olympic jerseys. Heck, I've even got St. Vincent-St. Mary gear. However, I am not a Cavs' fan. I can't get into this team. No matter how hard I try, there's something about them I don't like. I think that it's outside of LeBron, they lack cache. Certainly Ilgauskus or Varejao aren't household names and DeLonte West and Mo Williams are journeymen. I will say this team has a strong will, desire and this collection of players definitely understands who its best player and go-to-guy is. Heck, LeBron even called his teammates "supporting cast" in an interview recently.

To make a long story short, I think the NHL playoffs are more exciting than the NBA. Regardless of the time of the year, you can turn on the NBA Playoffs (except for Lakers-Rockets) during the last 7 or so minutes of the game and see all of the crucial plays. Whereas in hockey, you turn the channel for 30 seconds, you're liable to miss the game's only goal.

If you've not been watching the NHL Playoffs, try to make it a point to do so. That's if you can find versus on your television (It's channel 30 on Comcast). Or do what I do most of the time, elect to watch baseball. Greg Brown shouting 'Raise the Jolley Roger' or ESPN baseball is probably better than both.



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